Erin Bigney – 2021 Women of Inspiration™ Mentorship Award

Erin Bigney

Director of Research, Canada East Spine Centre. | @Canada East Spine Centre

2021 Women of Inspiration™ Mentorship Award

Erin Bigney is the Director of Research for the Canada East Spine Centre (CESC), a research centre for orthopaedic and neurosurgery.  Spine injury and disease can have debilitating effects on patients. Through clinical research the CESC lead by Erin Bigney, strives to improve patients outcomes.

Since she took over, the CESC has quadrupled its staff and has won multiple awards reflecting research excellence.  Erin has multiple peer-reviewed publications, a book chapter, and has presented at national and international scientific conferences.  Erin is a strong proponent of fostering research practices into medical care and recognizes the importance of mentorship to enhancing the next generations’ skills and opportunities in research. As part of her commitment to mentorship she has embedded programming to support undergraduate, graduate and medical student research opportunities and skills training within the CESC strategic plan.

Erin embodies the true definition of what a successful mentor should be and is a strong female leader and mentor in medical research. Through facilitating the research training of students, Erin makes major contributions to improving the quality of care and quality of life of spine surgery patients both in New Brunswick and across Canada.


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