Helen Filipe – 2021 Women of Inspiration™ Raising the Bar Award

Helen Filipe

Executive Director and Founder, Azul Education Services. | @Azul Education Services

2021 Women of Inspiration™ Raising the Bar Award

Well respected by her peers and community groups and leaders, Helen has an infectious positive attitude in all her undertakings. She is passionate about supporting others and helping individuals in times of change. Making a difference in her community is top priority as she knows the value of how being extending a hand in some of her most difficult days. As Executive Director and Founder of Azul Education she is dedicated to be a resource and advocate for individuals in discovering each person’s gifts and talents to make the world a better place. Helen considers herself a serial volunteer, and social justice advocate in contributing to many community initiatives and organizations. She offers her knowledge, experience, and genuine desire to uplift individuals, and to contribute to a more inclusive and equitable environment. Helen has helped thousands of individuals in activating their potential and motivating youth to be of service. Whether it be one-on-one, in groups, or through social media, Helen is a Connector and a Community builder. Her unwavering commitment to elevating others, has earned her Community Leadership Awards as she continues to raise the bar of community engagement.

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