Meseret Haileyesus – 2021 Women of Inspiration™ Social Impact Award

Meseret Haileyesus

CEO, Canadian Center for Women’s Empowerment (CCFWE). | @Canadian Center for Women’s Empowerment (CCFWE)

2021 Women of Inspiration™ Social Impact Award

“Meseret Haileyesus is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, change-maker, economic justice and health equity advocate with more than seventeen years of experience, and a founder of the Canadian Centre for Women’s Empowerment. The first kind of organization addresses economic abuse in Canada through education, research, policy change, advocacy, and economic empowerment. Her project focus on the development of new approaches to economic abuse and injustice, working with the organization and financial institution to review existing systems, policies, and procedures to improve women’s financial safety and security.

Meseret has identified a huge gap (unmet needs) and established a grass-root movement to address economic abuse and injustice. her non-profit is addressing critical gaps in policies and systems which are preventing survivors of economic abuse from recovering and becoming economically secure and independent. Economic abuse is a form of domestic violence where a partner controls a victim’s access to resources such as money, education, employment, food, transportation, convinces them to take on debt, or even interferes with schooling and employment to limit their independence.


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