Trish Guise – 2021 Women of Inspiration™ Advocate and Catalyst for Change Award

Trish Guise

Divorce & Co-Parent Coach

Trish Guise Divorce & Co-Parent Coaching | @Trish Guise Divorce & Co-Parent Coaching

2021 Women of Inspiration™ Advocate and Catalyst for Change Award

Trish Guise, MBA is a Divorce|Pre-Mediation|Co-Parenting|New Ways for Families® Coach, with a focus on cases involving coercive control and high conflict. In addition to her private practice, Trish is an Associate at Supporting Wellness Psychological and Family Services in Calgary, Alberta and the Canadian Ambassador for Contemporary Family Magazine.

Trish founded her divorce coaching practice after surviving her own high conflict divorce that spanned over 12 years. Trish couples her firsthand knowledge with the knowledge gained from studying and working with many of the world’s leading experts in family law, coercive control, high conflict, post-separation abuse, and parental alienation.

As a Divorce Coach, Trish guides people through each stage of the divorce process while keeping them focused on protecting their children from the conflict that can arise between the parents. Trish supports clients with safe exit plans, issue assessment, document preparation, mediation preparation, communication with their lawyer, communication with their ex, recognizing/managing power imbalances and advocating for their children’s relationship with both parents, unless neglect or abuse is present.

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