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Health and Wellness Jackie Cameron

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We have had the opportunity to interview 2016 Women of Inspiration – Health and Wellness Jackie Cameron to share words of wisdom for business women with a vision!

If you give of yourself, there are people who will help you get over those bridges. If your cup empties, others will come and fill it for you.

If your cup empties, others will come and fill it for you. - Jackie Cameron, #WOI2016 Winner Click To Tweet

Don’t be afraid to give of yourself because whatever you give comes back to you greater than tenfold. People that are self-centered, their world is small. My world is big. Don’t be afraid to step out even if it looks impossible – it is possible.

There are days when I go to bed and I’m pretty tired, so I pray for guidance, a sign telling me, “Keep going, this is good.” And the next morning something good happens. Constantly. It just blows me away! I don’t see I’m at the bottom. I mean, losing my husband and my best friend has been my toughest challenge and loss but I’m not at a point that I could ever stop. You will come to bridges – not walls – and you need to get over those bridges. And when you get to the other side it’s not so bad.

Don’t be afraid to ask. If you need something, ask. There is always somebody who knows somebody who knows the answer to your question or your needs. The word impossible, is actually just “I’m possible” – I actually think Monica said that! This is why I love sayings; everybody has their own sayings with their own special significance.

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