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Gina Perrault – Founder, Restorative Sports Therapy | 100 Women of Inspiration™ Book Contributor | @restorativesportstherapy

 My story has been, for most of my life, having a sense of being not good enough, I constantly felt like I was hustling for likes and trying to fit in. As a young girl, I did not feel like I had a strong connection to my peers and was teased throughout the school for being a bigger girl. This in effect had me not only playing small but longing to BE small as well. I have spent most of my life not feeling connected to myself or my body and lived from a place of – “I will be happy when….” What I did not know then that I know now, is that I am responsible for my happiness and everything starts with radical self-love from within. Having spent most of my life trying to change my outward appearance to fit the incredibly unrealistic cultural norms of beauty standards for women, 2020 was an incredibly challenging year that had me come back to basics – it was scary, messy, and free.

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