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Desiree Bombenon – CEO & Chief Disruption Officer Surecall Contact Centres | 2019 Women of Inspiration™ Global Impact | 100 Women of Inspiration Book Contributor

My story is one of possibilities and opportunities. It is the same story we all share. I started with nothing and worked hard to get to a comfortable place, and I understand that reaching that place happened with lots of support and love along the way. I was fortunate and I am grateful, and in turn I spend my time looking for ways to provide that same support back to women and girls all over the world so that they see those same possibilities and opportunities that I did. I had a hard life, we were poor immigrants, I had an abusive father, I was bullied and struggled through school, my life could have been over before it ever got started. Now I am a successful entrepreneur, Mother, and wife, and I want to leave a legacy that speaks to the resilience and grit of women. That starts with not just sharing your stories, it is also about sharing your inspirations, your intentions, and what got you through the really challenging and tough days. Its about being there for each other past the stories and into the how and why. The real magic is realizing that everything we need to be happy and to survive is within each of us, and then taking that power and using it.

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