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Hands up how many have purchased a gym membership? I’m guessing that most of us have made the commitment at some point with the goal of tighter buns or overall healthier lifestyle. The good news is that if you show up and are prepared to do the work, break a sweat, and commit to the routine a few times a week, you will start to see the results of a leaner and energetic self. It takes time, discipline and commitment to achieve the desired results. I’m using the analogy of a gym membership to describe the same commitment required to build your business, increase your circle of influence, and network.

If building a business was easy, everyone would be doing it. The good news is that if you make the commitment, keep your focus, surround yourself with like-minded individuals, and follow through you are guaranteed to move forward. It also takes patience, perseverance, and a positive attitude. The same is true for networking as it require a commitment to build relationships, consistency, and patience.

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5 Ways to Commit to Building Your Business:

  1. Don’t give up because you’re not seeing immediate results. Remember the gym membership…. it takes time to see results. Take action to find solutions to inject cash into your business. Seek the advice of a mentor, hire a coach and focus on making a profit.
  2. Focus on how you can help others. Finding solutions that help others succeed and sharing your knowledge creates opportunities for new business ideas, sales, referrals, partnerships or collaborations;
  3. Build your circle of influence. I talk about the value of making connections and building your circle of influence and cannot stress how important it is to keep planting those seeds. Focus on building authentic relationships with a community of like-minded individuals as they become your cheerleaders and sponsors;
  4. Get involved or volunteer to be a part of the bigger picture. It’s true the more you put in the more you get out. When your accountable to others, it also makes it easier to keep a commitment if you know others are depending on you;
  5. Conduct an inventory of your ability to keep commitments. Are you the one to say “yes” then last minute find an excuse not to fulfill the commitment? It happens to everyone that something unavoidable comes up and you’re unable to make the commitment. People like to do business with those that they can depend on. It’s also okay to say “no” if your unable to commit.

Let’s move those mountains! As always I welcome your comments and would love to hear from you.

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Monica Kretschmer

Monica is the Founder and CEO of Canadian Business Chicks, Women of Inspi- ration and The Nest Foundation. Monica is a native Calgarian and entrepreneur at heart with a passion for building authentic and relevant connections, empow- ering women and embraces life with courage, confidence, commitment and integrity. Monica's mission is to help women truly prosper at all levels of life and business with purpose.

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