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Kim Deep 2016 BOSS Chick

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We have had the opportunity to interview 2016 Women of Inspiration – BOSS Chick Kim Deep to share words of wisdom for business women with a vision!

If you’re doing it all yourself, your idea isn’t big enough!

If you’re doing it all yourself, your idea isn’t big enough!. ~#WOI2016 BOSS Chick Kim Deep Click To Tweet

Acknowledge what you bring to the table in terms of your relationships, service, and the contributions you make to others and your community. Take inventory of your gifts, acknowledge what you have to offer and bring it to consciousness.  Also take stock of your biases, where you’re not strong, and areas where you need to have someone else fill in the gaps. That is really important, because you that’s the place you can really make an impact from. Know yourself, and surround yourself with people that can help you pursue your purpose or your passion. You don’t have to do it all yourself.

That’s tricky for women who are caregivers because we want to do it all ourselves. I know for me it’s a continuous process. I have to say, “Yeah I’m not really great at this aspect and I have to bring someone on board or surround myself with others where that thing is more their strong suit.” From that place, being strong in those aspects, you can actually take who you are and pay it forward.

I talk to people about financial literacy, and while it’s fine to go out and help people, if you’re not financially stable yourself, not in place of strong stability with a strong foundation, it’s hard to go out and help other people.  You can be more successful and pay forward more of what you have if you’re in a strong place personally). Acknowledge and take responsibility for where you’re at, and from there you can create what you want and put the resources and tools in place to help you.

About Kim

Kim Deep is a successful entrepreneur, CPA/CMA, author, financial literacy trainer, workshop facilitator, passionate mom and avid volunteer. With 25+ year’s experience in accounting, she has been featured in the Financial Post, CPS Connects e-newsletter, PRWeb, Yummy Mummy Club segments, Live Well, Spend Less publications, Womanation: Women in Process and is a Financial Literacy Expert with Kim’s been featured on call-in radio segments, completed 40+ guest interviews on radio/TV spots educating viewers in the psychology/behaviors around their relationship with money. Kim has been featured on the cover of CPA Canada Magazine, has been a keynote speaker for CPA Alberta.

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