2021 Road Show

Women Driving Change

Women drive change!

We are Raising the Bar for women to be seen, heard, and valued across Canada.  Join the 2021 Road Show as we make our way to 10 cities across Canada featuring inspiring female leaders from diverse industries and representing the voices of women who have not been heard!

2021 Road Show (Public and VIP Access) Follow the journey. Join us on the road. Join the live stream!

Our goal is to take action to break down barriers to further amplify the voices of women in under-served areas, industries, at the boardroom table, in the workplace, and in the community. To unite people,  companies committed to diversity and inclusion, and elevate the voices of female entrepreneurs,  business leaders, and change-makers, and position Canada as a global diversity leader.

Our mission is to empower and connect 1 billion women.

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We strategically partner with like-minded organizations committed to raising the bar for women to succeed. Our partners are committed to move the needle for diversity, inclusion, and equality. Contact us to become a visible champion.

Everyone plays a role to SupportHER!

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Our mission is to empower, connect, and inspire 1 Billion women to be seen, heard, and valued!

 Never before in the history of Canada have women been able to take the opportunity to stand out, despite COVID-19 trying to dampen our voices and stories.

Driving change.

Women: seen, heard, and valued!

Graphics trucks are on the roadways across North America.

 2021 Road Show featuring female leaders from diverse industries!

DUE TO COVID-19 we are postponing until 2022!

Stay tuned for our Virtual Road Show!

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Women of Inspiration Book Launch September 10 + Meet the Contributors


Everyone plays a role to SupportHER!

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DUE TO COVID-19 we are postponing until 2022!


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We invite corporations and individuals across all industries to align themselves with
the Universal Womens Network™ (UWN™) on September 9 – 23, 2021, and beyond, proudly showing
they are a #SupportHER champion.

Thanks to our colleagues and relationships in the trucking industry – which typically underserves women –
Universal Womens Network™ is spreading our mission on every major roadway across Canada, with 10 city stops and showcase events!

We are looking to align with 500 companies to be visible #SupportHER™ champions, ready to break down barriers in more ways than one, to further amplify the
voices of women in these underserved industries, in businesses, at the boardroom table, in the office workplace, and in the community.

Entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, and leaders from diverse industries: truck drivers, bush pilots, scientists, lawyers, students, brokers, advocates
for women, inventors, artists, authors, designers, influencers, doctors, survivors, front line workers, hospitality, mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, protectors, and
the women who we rub shoulders with every day!

They all have one thing in common:
they are mentors; leaders from diverse industries with the potential to contribute as much as $150 billion in GDP to our economy!

Great Words, Great People

As a second-generation executive in our family business, my father always taught me the importance of putting our employees first. He never said put ‘men’ first; it always about putting our employees first—no matter the gender or the race. Today, we are taking a stand for equality in gender and race so that everyone can be put on the same pedestal. We know that the graphics we completed for the Universal Womens Network™ 2021 Road Show will “Raise the Bar” and bring awareness to a situation that is too widely accepted as is, which is that the transport industry is a ‘Man’s World.’ It is not ok that only three percent of truck drivers in Canada are women. By bringing our voices together, we can change this situation for the better,” We are proud to partner with the Universal Womens Network™ as a visible SupportHER™, says Charles Veilleux, Vice President, Sales and Marketing of Turbo Images.

Coming out of the pandemic, we are putting women in the driver’s seat,” says Monica Kretschmer, Founder, and CEO of Universal Womens Network and Women of Inspiration™ Awards. 2020 amplified spotlight on how underrepresented women are, particularly in the transportation, construction, and manufacturing industries. To show the full impact, Universal Womens Network™ is taking action to put women front and center to ensure they are seen, heard and valued. What better way than engaging the transportation industry across Canada with moving billboards on semi-trailer trucks driving across our roadways over the next nine months?

Why Get Involved

• Be a visible leader of diversity, inclusion, and equality locally, nationally, and globally
• Champion the women in your workplace, community, and network
• Engage your team. Build your diverse workplace culture, take action to advance women.
• Elevate your industry and opportunities for advancing women in leadership
• Attract and retain top talent
• Share your diversity message and thought leadership
• Lead by example – show your commitment to diversity and inclusion with your customers, vendors, employees, and shareholders
• Media, PR, and publicity as part of the campaign
• Enable our live events industry to get back to work
• Universal Womens Network™ is women-owned

How to Get Involved

• Become a sponsor to elevate your company as a champion for diversity and inclusion across Canada
• Become a Trucking or Fleet Sponsor to help us share the message. Wrap your truck or fleet
• National and local sponsorship opportunities
• Let us help you be a visible SupportHER™
• LIVE Stream to share your brand message to viewers across Canada
• Sponsor Fuel, Technology, Logistics, AV Entertainment, Documentary, Media, Stage, PR and Media, Film, Wardrobe, Decor, Food and Beverage, and more!
• Sponsor a Panel, introduce a speaker
• Contribute thought leadership as an industry expert.
• Sponsorship for Pit Stops, Roadie Crew, Media, Entertainment, Stage, and Title Sponsorship.
• Women-Owned/Women-Led Marketplace

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