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Armineh Keshishian – 2019 Women of Inspiration™ Cultural Ambassador Award | Universal Womens Network™ National Ambassador 

ARMINEH KESHISHIAN is a multi-faceted and brilliant entrepreneur whose aim is to bring increased awareness to the world by encouraging and inspiring everyone to be aligned with their Divine self in order to live their desired life.

CEO of Wealth & Wellness Global – A coaching company that encourages living abundantly Author of the upcoming book `Joyous Wealth` Founder & Artistic Director of Evolution Dance Theatre – has created and produced a number of multidisciplinary dance theatre productions since 2006 including “Evolution… of the Human Kind”, “behind the Veil” and “Follow Your Heart” which got the attention of the Canadian Prime Minister Honorable Justin Trudeau. The company is currently in negotiations to showcase production in Las Vegas. Armineh says “I strive to create cultural fusion through art. I am inspired by concepts of women’s empowerment, diversity, multiculturalism and breaking down archetypal traditions. My aim is to bring people and cultures together by focusing on our commonalities vs. our differences.”

UWN: Every woman has a story. Tell us about your story!

AK: And this is my story:

  • I always felt outside the box
  • There were times I didn’t feel I belong
  • I always saw the two sides of the same thing – mostly lived in duality
  •  I have defied outdated cultural values and created dance theatre shows to reflect that
  • I have always searched for the truth and felt restless, trying to find meaning and purpose
  • I have created many things and learned many things – I have aimed for mastery
  •  I have followed my path with defeats at times and triumphs most of the times
  • I have been involved in enriching lives
  • I have made peace with my empowered self that I am here to help elate humanity by my
    interactions and made an impact without looking for glory
  • I have concluded that we are born with gifts and talents and are given choices. We can accept
    and recognize our gifts and choose our path with dignity, courage, and service to humanity or
    resist. I have chosen the first one.

UWN: Are you finding inspiration in stories of courage, bravery, perseverance to support you
through this time?

AK: I often talk about Emotional Reserves; Emotional reserves is emotions we can access while feeling down, sad, disappointed or when we are experiencing some sort of loss. Although we experience new things all the time and no one experience is necessarily the same as the other, I believe we can use this idea of Reserves to get over challenges. When faced with unpleasant feelings, after accepting the situation, the best thing is to tap into our emotional reserves which is our internal resources of Empowerment, Courage and Faith to rise above challenges, and deal with what is at hand in a calm and peaceful manner. It is necessary to note that Emotional Reserves are built over time and it is a good habit to cultivate
and experience life fully. I am blessed to be naturally courageous and persevere in times of adversity. I am emotionally
prepared to handle whatever comes my way and I totally believe that I will be supported by life and the Universe!

UWN:  How does it feel to be acknowledged as a Women of Inspiration™?

AK: It is an honour to be acknowledged as a Woman of Inspiration™. In my life I have often been told ‘You Are So Inspiring’. To have received the WOI Award, for me it validates the words exchanged with a physical award that is tangible.

UWN: We are honored to have you part of our journey. Why did you make the decision to become a National Ambassador?

AK: When I was invited to become a National Ambassador, I was filled with excitement and serenity at the same time. The mandate of ‘Women of Inspiration’ is to elevate women and the men who support women. This is very close to my heart as I believe in Women’s Empowerment. As life is comprised of masculine and feminine, I believe it is important to honour the natural forces and give a voice to the feminine that is the creator of life. In my dance theatre shows I emphasize women’s empowerment. I made the decision to become a National Ambassador because I can contribute to the cause and help spread the message in a positive and inspiring way.

UWN: Why is recognizing women in leadership roles critical? Why now more than ever should we recognize the achievements of leaders at all levels, including the unsung heroes?

AK: Women always doubt their qualities of leadership, contributions they make and their impact. It is very important to recognize women in leadership specially women who have not been recognized for their acts of heroism, and women who continue their contributions in silence in order to encourage them and provide a platform to elevate them. At this time where there is Global Pandemic, women who have been in the front lines, are the backbone of fighting and dealing with the crisis and they need to be recognized.

UWN: How has your adversity, and journey prepared you to lead through a crisis? What is one thing that you swear by that has helped you when faced with uncertainty or a challenge?

AK: I have had different types of adversity throughout my life and I always used my problem-solving skills to push through. I remember when I was very young, I would always ask my mother about the solution and she would keep insisting that I needed to think it through to come up with solutions before she would guide me through it. At times when faced with crisis, I would feel a variety of emotions including extreme frustrations; however, my analytical skills would win the battle. In the same token generally when I face challenges my strength and focus step forward to deal with the situation quickly and efficiently. Due to my experiences, I have concluded that I can handle anything. I have developed a stronger belief in myself that I can manage whatever presents itself. I know as human beings we love certainty, but I also believe there is room for creativity and opportunity in uncertainty. My positivity, hope for the future, curiosity and passion are attributes that guide me in uncertain times.

UWN: Has this time of PAUSE given you time to gain a new perspective? What are some of the
realizations you have made?

AK: I have a habit of meditating and reflecting on many things on a regular basis. Being in the ‘flow’ allows me to always be cognizant of my surroundings. I love the quote ‘Know Thyself’. I value life and know life is precious. I am glad to report that I have learned to pause and take inventory throughout my life instead of waiting for a disaster to wake me up. For that I give my utmost gratitude. My perspective has always been that we are responsible for our lives!

UWN: How has the Global Pandemic affected you personally and professionally? Tell us how
this has changed, motivated or inspired you?

AK: I have to admit there are times I love my ‘alone time’ and the Global Pandemic has provided me with more than ample time for that. Although I did not take life for granted prior to the Pandemic, it has become more profound that life is truly precious, and it can be taken away from us anytime without notice! What I also have noticed is that I love close encounters with people; when we meet in person, we hug, and we laugh in closer proximity. I am hopeful this pandemic will resolve soon. Although it has delayed some of my business plans, fortunately, it has not affected me negatively too much. I am still inspired to continue my work globally to give individuals guidance to have enriched lives.

UWN:  What words of inspiration and wisdom would you offer for leaders to through this
historical time?

AK: Love, Forgive and Live! Life is short. Follow Your Heart. Know your own value, worth and the light you bring to the world. We are all in it together as one human race.

UWN: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

AK: As the Founder and CEO of Wealth and Wellness Global, I see our company with roots and alliances all over the world elevating individuals to their enriched lives. I see anyone who comes in contact with our teams, feels a sense of renewal and that, there is hope and they have the power to change, in order to have a fulfilling life; whatever that maybe to them. Their fulfillment would be measured by their own standards. We change lives one at a time. As the humanity is awakening to a higher consciousness, with collaborations throughout the globe we are guiding individuals to recognize and embrace their unique attributions in order to contribute to the betterment of the world. Simultaneously as the Artistic and Executive Director of Evolution Dance Theatre aka EDT, I see that through our dance theatre productions we spread the message of empowerment and the unity of ‘one human race’ all over the world. EDT has a mandate to Entertain, Educate and Inspire with Core Values of Unity, Universality, and Integrity.

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