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UNSTOPPABLE TRACY MBA, BEd, BRLS | @Unstoppabletac | @Unstoppabletracy

We are honoured to have Unstoppbale Tracy, 2019 Women of Inspiration™ as a National Ambassador for Universal Womens Network™. As a 2019 Women of Inspiration Change Maker Award recipient, she continues to lead, inspire and motivate!

Expert on Disarming Limiting Beliefs, Seen in Oprah Magazine with 60 million ++ viral video views, International Award-Winning Business Leader  & Speaker with the stars, on TEDx, in over 40+ countries, has an MBA, Decorated Athlete as a World Cup Sailor, climbed the Himalaya Mountains, TV HOST, Bestselling Author, whose forward is written by Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul,  and this year’s Canada Hall of Fame Inductee as an Honoured Humanitarian.

UWN: Every woman has a story. Tell us about your story!

UT: Have a problem with ‘No’? No just means they don’t know, says #UnstoppableTracy. No personal or business crisis is too big for Unstoppable Tracy Women of Inspiration™ Changemaker Award Recipient.  

Imagine this, here is a timeline of her Unstoppable journey!

  • 20s climbed the world’s largest Himalayan Mountains in Nepal, captained several 110-foot pirate tall ships, as well as working in numerous developing countries like Uganda, Mexico, and Jamaica. She earned her honors degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies with a specialist in Outdoor Experiential Leadership, followed by a Bachelor of Education with an Integrated Arts.
  • 30s Tracy won a National bronze medal in Alpine [downhill] skiing while consulting crushing breakthroughs for Air Canada [AC] during the Pilot strike, the bankruptcy and then the merger with Canadian Airlines. In the evenings she earning her MBA in Organizational Development from Rotman School of Business at the University of Toronto, all till a future that worked. Success depends on perseverance. As an award-winning leader in business and in a sport she delivers the Limitless Secret!
  • Early 40s Shoppers Drug Mart [SDM] Canada’s National Pharmaceutical was told no more government pharmacy funding, Tracy provided Training and Development Award-winning resolutions to SDM As a Corporate Consultant who is laser-focused, hard-hitting business coach, her skill set includes building teams that are outperforming stock markets in times of crisis!
  • UBER was told NO you can’t come into Canada. Then Tracy became a major disruptor, advocated with government which resulted in breaking UBER into Canada. Tracy doesn’t just talk high performance in business…she lives it!
  • Mid 40s Became a World Cup multiple times decorated Athlete that Oprah Magazine featured the journey of her Quest for the Gold.

The last 12 months Tracy became a TV Show Host of Unstoppable YOU, Bestselling Author Cracking the Limitless Secret, #1 International Tedx Speaker who spoke in over 40 countries and shared the stage with the likes of Jane Fonda, Mark Wahlberg and dozens more! She is Premier Awarded honored Humanitarian twice, #1 Canadian Transformational Leader of the John Maxwell Team, the winner of the Robert W. Jackson Award [Founder of the Canadian Paralympics], C-SASIL Lifetime Achievement Award, WOW Award Entrepreneur of the year and this years’ Canada Hall of Fame Inductee.

She’s most recently been seen on the cover of Thrive Magazine, Business Booster Today, CBC, City TV, Global News, NBC, FOX and globally around the world!  Oh, Did I mention she’s a four-way amputee? …

Her mind-blowing story always gets standing ovations pushing audiences out of their limitation zones. Her stories like “Let’s Get Started” on bullying and resilience are viral on internet with over 60 million viral views of “Nobody Left Behind” dealing with resistance.  Let her charge up your audience, and you will be the hero of your organization for sharing Unstoppable Tracy with your world.

UWN: Are you finding inspiration in stories of courage, bravery, perseverance to support you through this time?

UT: Absolutely!

UWN: How does it feel to be acknowledged as a Women of Inspiration?

UT: Humbled and Honoured to share this acknowledgement with the phenomenal line up of past inductees! Women of Inspiration as a team helps me turn ordinary days into extraordinary today, ever day. It’s a distinction to uphold and keeps me accountable to be a difference maker continuously.

 UWN: We are honoured to have you part of our journey. Why did you make the decision to become a National Ambassador?

UT: Success depends on perseverance. With humor and motivation, you can crush your obstacles and soar to the top! No matter where you are in life, sometimes you just need to be inspired. Women are great leaders pushing to drive their inner power. That’s never easy. And sometimes you will feel like you can’t do it anymore, any better, or any other way. Well, WOI helps you see that you can conquer your impossible. Proud to be part of this lifeline team.

UWN: Why is recognizing women in leadership roles critical? Why now more than ever should we recognize the achievements of leaders at all levels, including the unsung heroes.

 UT: Women of Inspiration™ is a powerful collaboration of visionary women committed to changing the world. Through our individual platforms, each individual offers a unique perspective on how, we can collectively impact the world yet still remain unheard, unrecognized, underestimated. We need to support each other to turn a small voice into a broadcasted voice so their invaluable contributions can be empowered into superhero status that they truly are not only for recognition … moreso for strength of conviction to be given the teeth and muscle needed.

 UWN: How has your adversity, and journey prepared you to lead through a crisis? What is one thing that you swear by that has helped you when faced with uncertainty or a challenge?

UT: Well repeated adversity has shown me each time more powerfully the bonus in the badness … the opportunity born out of the ashes unseen until the breakdown … I’m so lucky not to be discouraged with NO or crisis because of having come through so many I fully believe in the journey of coming through it not surviving but thriving. One thing I swear by that has helped no matter how many wipe outs, or falls, or crashes, or insults, with unwavering believe I can do it when faced with a challenge … even if I don’t know how, is believing I CAN DO IT and hence followed by doing whatever it takes to climb back in that sailboat of life … favourite quote as a sailor I cannot adjust the wind but I can adjust my sails.

UWN: Has this time of PAUSE given you time to gain a new perspective? What are some of the realizations you have made?

UT: Pause has given me insight to authentic relationships and importance of creating ands maintaining these. Also, Reinstalled the importance of more than one revenue stream on a business front.

UWN: How has the Global Pandemic affected you personally and professionally? Tell us how this has changed, motivated or inspired you?

UT: As a speaker, all my events cancelled in a matter of days. I was in 20 cities since Christmas already and now I’m alone in my condo. It just further motivates me with bigger lofty impact #worldpeace3035 goals and strengths my movement’s importance of #NobodyLeftBehind so #LetsGetStarted!

UWN: What words of inspiration and wisdom would you offer for leaders to through this historical time?

 UT: No excuses, I don’t know what you are going through behind your eyes, with your families, what hardships in business and in your world and I know some of you have very viable realistic reasons to stop, give up, break down, stop … I do know I have every excuse as a 4-way amputee to not be travelling as a humanitarian in 20 countries, scuba diving, beating able bodied men in sailing, etc. but I know if I live a life of no excuses I live a life of no limits.   No Excuses … do whatever it takes BE AN UNSTOPPABLE YOU.

UWN: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

 UT: Disarming Limiting Beliefs having had inspired the super-hero in over a Billion People

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