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MentorHER™ Mentorship Program

Mentorship - Key to Success!

Our MentorHER Mentorship Program was created to support women to succeed personally and professionally.

As a leader in the community, you know that mentorship is critical to advance women in business. Our MentorHER Mentorship Program enables a win-win for both Mentor and Mentee. We encourage a circle of reciprocity mindset.

Our Mentors are Women of Inspiration Award Alumni, business leaders, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners, industry experts, CEOs, and professionals from diverse industries and backgrounds.

We are accepting applications for women and men who champion for women encouraged to become a Mentor!

Your commitment: 1 year: 1x a month for 1:1 mentorship (via online or zoom) for 1 - 3 hours.
Mentors are Professionals, Executives, Industry Experts, and Women of Inspiration Alumni from diverse industries. All participants will be invited to our Monthly Group Success Calls with women and men from across Canada.

MentorHER Mentors - Premium and Platinum

Premium MentorHER Mentors - Mentors are professionals from diverse industries, areas of expertise, and professions passionate about supporting a woman on her journey!

Platinum MentorHER Mentors - Women of Inspiration ALumni, Award-Winning, CEOs, Industry Experts, Senior Executives, Celebrities, and Thought Leaders.

Our MentorHER Mentors believe in the circle of reciprocity! They are committed to sharing their path to success and leadership wisdom! You will achieve your goals faster with increased confidence. You will gain a fresh perspective and learn valuable insights. Our Mentors have paved the path and want you to succeed!

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Mentors and Mentees must commit to a min of one (1) year. Once the application is submitted the Matching Process will begin.


The success of our program begins with a great match between Mentor and Mentee. Mentor and Mentees are matched based on areas of interest, goals, and backgrounds based on the application submitted by both parties.

Step 3. MENTOR 1:1

Mentors and Proteges connect a min of once a month 1:1 (1-2 hours a month), online. You and your Mentor decide the times and days. Our program enables Mentors and Mentees to connect anywhere with a wifi. Commitment to Mentee and Mentor is 1 year!

Step 4: MONTHLY ONLINE SUCCESS CALLS - Connect and Celebrate!

All members and Mentorship Participate invited to participate in our Monthly Online (Convenient and accessible anywhere with WiFi)
Success Calls - first Wednesday each month (12:00 - 12:45 pm MST).

Step 5: Quarterly Mentor Mentorship Networking Sessions - Online
Mix and mingle with mentees and mentors!

Benefits of Mentorship

When you have a champion in your corner who wants you to succeed, you can move mountains and realize your dreams! The benefits of mentorship are endless, here are a few benefits we have come up with!

- To learn leadership wisdom from leaders who have overcome challenges and willing to share their real-life experiences.
- To speed up the business expansion process.
- To receive validation or guidance
- To gain a fresh perspective.
- To have a SupportHER™ in your corner.
- To be exposed to new ideas, concepts, and think on a larger scale.
- To expand your network, knowledge sources, and circle of influence.

MentorHER Mentorship