January - February - Enrollment and Matching

Spring - March - June (1:1 Mentorship, once a month)
Fall - September - December (1:1 Mentorship, once a month(

*Mentees must be active ChangeMakeHER Plus or InfluenceHER members to apply.
Limited spots are available.

MentorHER™ Mentorship Program

Commit to Your Success!

Our MentorHER™ Mentorship Program was created to support women to succeed personally and professionally.

As a leader in the community, you know that mentorship is critical to advance women in business. Our MentorHER™ Mentorship Program enables a win-win for both Mentee and Mentor. We encourage a circle of reciprocity mindset.

Our MentorHER™ Mentors are Women of Inspiration™ Award Alumni, business leaders, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners, industry experts, CEOs, and professionals from diverse industries and backgrounds.

Who Can Apply?

ChangeMakeHER Plus+ and InfluencerHER Members are eligible to apply.

Commitment - 1:1 Mentorship (4 months) Spring March - June) or Fall (September - December)

Mentor - 1:1 Mentorship (online) - Commitment 1 hour per month
Mentee - 1:1 Mentorship (online) - Commitment 1 hour per month + Monthly Sucess Call

Timeline - Apply Now!

MentorHER™ Program- Members are eligible for either Spring of Fall Mentorship as per below. Limited spots, first come first serve basis.

Spring (March - June)
Applications are accepted until February 17

1:1 MentorHER™ Mentorship (min once a month for a period of four months)
- March
- April
- May
- June

MentorHER ™Program - Fall (September - December) - Applications are accepted until June 30
1:1 MentorHER Mentorship (once a month for a period of four months)
- September
- October
- November
- December

Must be active members of the Universal Womens Network™ (ChangeMakeHER Plus+ or InfluenceHER Membership level to participate).

All participants will be invited to our Monthly MentorHER™ Success Calls with leaders from diverse industries.

MentorHER™ Mentors

MentorHER™ Mentors - Mentors are professionals from diverse industries and areas of expertise passionate about supporting a woman on her journey.

MentorHER™ Mentors are Women of Inspiration™ Alumni, business leaders and SupportHERS from diverse backgrounds.

Our MentorHER™ Mentors believe in the circle of reciprocity! They are committed to sharing their path to success and leadership wisdom! You will achieve your goals faster with increased confidence. You will gain a fresh perspective and learn valuable insights. MentorHER™ Mentors have paved the path and want you to succeed!


Step1. APPLY (must be a ChangeMakeHER Plus+ or InfluencerHER Member to be eligible


The success of our program begins with a great match between Mentor and Mentee. Mentor and Mentees are matched based on areas of interest, goals, and backgrounds based on the application submitted by both parties.

Step 3. 1:1 MENTORSHIP

Mentors and Mentees connect a min of once a month 1:1 (1 hour a month), online. You and your Mentor decide the times and days. Our program enables Mentors and Mentees to connect anywhere across Canada. Mentees are active members of the Universal Womens Network. ChangeMakeHER Plus Membership.


Join Monthly Success Calls. All members and Mentorship Participate are invited to participate in our Monthly Online
Success Calls - first Wednesday each month (9:00 am EST | 10:00 am MST | 12:00 pm EST). Members receive a link to join.

Note: A limited number of MentorHER™ Mentorship opportunities are available. Application is first come first serve.

Benefits of Mentorship

When you have a champion in your corner who wants you to succeed, you can move mountains and realize your dreams!

As a Mentee, this is your opportunity to:

• Learn leadership wisdom from leaders who have overcome challenges and are willing to share their real-life experiences.
• Speed up the business expansion process.
• Receive validation or guidance
• Gain a fresh perspective.
• Have a SupportHER™ in your corner.
• Be exposed to new ideas, concepts and think on a larger scale.
• Expand your network, knowledge sources, and circle of influence.

Mentorship provides guidance and support from someone with more experience and knowledge in a particular field or industry. The benefits of mentorship are endless, here are a few additional benefits:

• A mentor can offer valuable advice and provide a sounding board for ideas and challenges
• A mentor can help a mentee develop new skills and knowledge
• A mentor can help a mentee build their professional network and connections
• A mentor can serve as a role model and inspire the mentee to set and achieve professional goals
• A mentor can provide encouragement and motivation to help the mentee persevere through difficult times or challenges
• A mentor can help the mentee gain confidence in their abilities and make informed career decisions
• A mentor can provide objective feedback and help the mentee identify areas for personal and professional growth
• A mentor can help the mentee navigate office politics and the unspoken rules of their industry
• A mentor can offer valuable perspectives and insights that can help the mentee overcome biases and barriers to advancement

MentorHER™ Mentorship

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