Articles Sophie Armstrong – 2017 Woman of Inspiration – Cultural Ambassador

Sophie Armstrong – 2017 Woman of Inspiration – Cultural Ambassador

Violinist, Recording Artist and President of Every Woman Foundation @EveryWomanFest

Sophie is a Violinist, Recording Artist and President of Every Woman Foundation. Sophie has performed hundreds of solo concerts around the globe, has a Bachelor of Music Performance (Violin Major) degree from Sydney Conservatorium and the Licentiate Diploma of Music in Violin Performance (AMEB). Sophie has worked with artists including Goldfrapp and Josh Groban, and has performed for Olivia Newton-John and dignitaries including The Bahraini Royal Family and Crown Prince & Princess of Denmark.
Since relocating to Canada in 2011, Sophie has performed with the Canadian Tenors and Juno-Award winning guitarist Pavlo & Oscar Lopez among others. Sophie has released numerous recordings including The Journey a collaboration with Pavlo, and a Lullaby album featuring Swedish pianist Susanne Ruberg Gordon.

Sophie is also a passionate violin teacher, and a regular volunteer for various organizations in her community. Sophie is the founder and president of The Every Woman Foundation which celebrates International Women’s Day with their signature event Every Woman Festival, and provides various volunteer outreach programs and educational events since 2008. In 2012-2015 Sophie was a national Ambassador for Ovarian Cancer Canada, appearing in their national public service announcement in 2014/15 and appearing at various events as a spokesperson. Sophie was also a Heart Hero in the 2012 and 2014 Celebrity Fashion Show Heart Truth for the Heart & Stroke Foundation and Sophie is currently chair of the Rotary Club of Calgary Music Scholarship Program in partnership with Mount Royal Conservatory in 2016 and the Rotary Arts & Culture Committee supporting the Rotary Calgary Concerto Competition in 2018. Sophie has been a stay in school program mentor via the Rotary Club of Calgary and continues to work in her community through Every Woman Foundation, as a Rotarian and volunteer for various community projects. Sophie Serafino Entertainment Events have raised over $100,000 for various charities throughout Sophie’s career thus far. In 2014, Sophie was awarded a Global Women of Vision Award and is also wife and a mother of two.

Before you were recognized as a Women of Inspiration, what qualities did you believe
made an inspiring woman?

I wouldn’t have necessarily called myself that, I love what I do, and I do my best. If that’s inspirational then I’m honored to be called that!

What do you feel is the main lesson you can teach others? /What can we learn from you that can impact other women to succeed personally and professionally? Planning, taking things step by step and believing in yourself and your goals.… Click To Tweet

How do you overcome challenges? What keeps you motivated?

I slow down, reassess, see if anything needs adjusting in order to keep going then I basically keep going!

At what point did you realize that you had the power to do something meaningful?

When I believed in something, and others believed too, I knew we could do something great together. When you truly authentically believe, others will follow you without effort. Click To Tweet

What are some of the keys to success that you can share to empower others?

Belief and faith, then planning and effort! Anyone can do it from any place they are in. Keep moving forward!

How do you see your role as Ambassador of Women of Inspiration to inspire and influence others? What steps will you take to continue to inspire, lead and motivate others as a Women of Inspiration?

I believe in leading my example, not words alone. I will always do my best, and as that role changes as I am now a mother and my priorities and focus is changing, I will continue to do my best and stay with the principles I believe in. I also believe that if you appreciate those around you, and truly consider who they are, where they are at, and what you can give to them and not just what you can take, this is something that will propel you forward in quality relationships which are so important to everything that we do in this world- again this means leading by example. Have boundaries and speak your truth, and don’t allow anything to distract you from your priorities.

How has this experience (being selected and recognized as a Woman of Inspiration)
changed/impacted you in your life personally and professionally?

It’s wonderful to be recognized by receiving an award. Attending the event was very impactful to me- to be surrounded by so many amazing women and to hear their stories. It truly inspired me.

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Monica Kretschmer

Monica Kretschmer

Monica is the Founder and CEO of Universal Womens Network™, formerly Canadian Business Chicks, Women of Inspiration™ Awards, The Nest Foundation™ and SupportHER ™ elevating male leaders who champion women in their networks, workplaces, and communities, and MentorHER™ Mentorship Program. She is the founder of The Nest Foundation™ empowering women to rebuild their lives for themselves and their children through mentorship, education, and wellness. Monica is a native Calgarian, visionary, speaker and serial entrepreneur, passionate about celebrating and advocating for women to prosper personally and professionally. She is committed to Gender Equality and fostering a network where diversity, innovation, recognition, mentorship is valued. Monica's mission is to inspire women to lead with a purpose and prosper in business and life. Since launching in 2014, Monica has broken traditional barriers and silos by embracing collaboration and diversity. In five short years, Monica has built a recognizable National brand across Canada and spearheaded partnerships with government agencies, non-profits, venture capitalists, and women’s organizations. In 2015, Monica created Women of Inspiration™ Awards to recognize a woman who helped her overcome adversity and a life-changing Seven Journey in the justice system with 4800 hundred hours of litigation, 22 days of trial and 56 + court appearances. Monica’s personal story of resilience was the fuel to create Women of Inspiration™ to honour one woman, her lawyer. Women of Inspiration celebrates, recognizes and inspire women across Canada who lead by example and inspire others to be more and do more.

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