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Mamaita's Journey

Tell us about your business and why you chose this path?

'Mamaita's Journey' is my journey to stop existing and start living. It started as a blog recording the EMDR sessions that revealed the events from my past that had been buried so deep for so long. I wanted my son to understand someday the reasons why I had removed him from my family. The blog got noticed and people started to share their similar stories. I was then dealt a hefty blow, literally, sustaining a head injury, which potentially ended my nursing career. As a single mum by now, with a big mortgage to pay, I decided to retrain as an Integrative Health Coach. I managed to hang onto my nursing, but the blog continued and my training, now encompassing various intuitive and healing practices, did too. I gradually started to build up a client base and developed my own uniquely holistic approach to working with my clients. As I gained momentum and began recognising the individuals that I was passionate to help, my signature online program and basis for my present-day coaching evolved: JOY (Journey of You). I have finally stepped into my power and specialize in coaching women who struggle with their relationship with their mothers. I have also developed a philanthropic aspect to my business, in developing The Mother Ship, which has evolved beautifully from my facilitation of Sacred Women's Circles and also in supporting holistic business as president of the Calgary South Holistic Chamber of Commerce.
I consider myself very, very fortunate, that my business is my passion and that is exactly the reason this path has been revealed to me.

What support did you need to get started and keep the dream alive?

Honestly? 3 years of working with a Clinical Psychologist who worked with me to heal complex PTSD. She propelled me forward and allowed me to reveal and now live my purpose.
My client's feedback... no matter how small the change, there is nothing more powerful.
A small group of professionals to whom I outsource the overwhelm!
And my son and partners unwavering belief in me and the work that I do. I am a very, very lucky lady.

How do you create work-life balance in your world? Is there such a thing?

I think balance is a modern day phenomenon.
I do not believe you can separate the two. YOU are both. If anxiety or stress arises in one of the other, you are not being true to yourself. I actually had a client share an 'aha' moment with me in our session the other day ' I get anxious when I am denying my authenticity'. Beautifull!
Things occur in my personal life, that inspire me in my business. and vice versa.
In all areas of my life, I work hard to balance my male and female energy... One of the most valuable self-care tools I have ever mastered.
I also ensure I have healthy boundaries in my relationships...with people, projects, tasks, events, places, time. Another valuable self-care tool I have learned!
This provides balance in all areas of our life... and allows us the freedom of needing to 'compartmentalize' our existence.

What do you think it takes to be a successful entrepreneur or business person?

You HAVE to be passionate about what you do. And to be passionate you have to be true to your cause and purpose. This is a magnet for your ideal clients. They see YOU, and CONNECT with YOU... not your business.

What is your life motto?

'Stop Existing, Start Living'

Tell us about a challenge that you have faced in your own life that has influenced who you are today!

I am the daughter of a mother with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I was emotionally abused from birth, rejected.
When I finally became 'no-contact' 14 years ago, she gave my father, who I loved dearly, an ultimatum. He had to choose her or me. My last conversation with him he told me he had chosen her. He died 2 years ago, taking his own life. With him went any possible hope of ever meeting him again.
I was a desperately unhappy child, teenager and young adult. It's a long story, but I attracted further abuse in the form of a violent date rape and many failed relationships. I was diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder.
7 years ago, my husband of 21 years and the father of my only child, now 18, told me he no longer loved me and wanted the opportunity to find love elsewhere. This was shortly after we lost our home and business in Spain and emigrated to Canada to start a new life, from scratch. My life fell apart. Once again I was rejected by the person who was supposed to love me unconditionally. I started counselling and was diagnosed with Complex PTSD and finally received the help and support I needed to turn my life, me, around.
Today, my ex-husband and our respective partners are happy, secure and on excellent terms.
My son is an amazingly beautiful, intuitive and supportive young man.
And I have met a beautiful man who is 150% supportive of me, my business and batshit craziness ;)
(Obviously, there is a lot between the lines...but that is a book yet to hit a bookstore near you!)
Oh! And then there was a head injury that put my life on hold for a whole year as I struggled to overcome physical symptoms and cognitive loss....

Who has influenced or inspired you and why?

Too many to mention...
There are the BIG names. like Maya Angelou. She had a profound effect on me when I had the privilege of seeing her speak live.
And the clients and patients I serve daily never cease to inspire and amaze me.
But probably the two most influential are two of my patients... Gavin Taylor and Ceridwen Chyme.
Gavin died age 8 and I nursed him for the last year of his life. That little boy taught me more about life and human nature than any other adult...
Ceridwen was a hospice patient who coined the phrase 'Stop Existing, Start Living' My business tagline. She explained that being told you are dying is often a blessing... because it makes people start living...

Who is a Woman of Inspiration to you? Why?

She has a fire in her heart...a passion and innovation that strives to empower her self and others. She acknowledges her human 'being' but is connected to her truth. She is authentic and walks her talk. She is tenacious...and never gives up because she believes.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Wherever I am meant to be... But with FREEDOM of Finance, Location and Time...
My business is gathering beautiful, steady momentum and I am seeing my online presence and programs developing.
I will be based in Calgary, as my son, partner and his son, will still be here, but I already see my horizons broadening and travel will become increasingly more a part of daily life.

What attracted you to The Nest?

I was looking for something that thinks 'out of the box' and would introduce me to a different and diverse group of individuals... I researched, and the Nest is it! Thank You!!

My go to drink is...

Red Wine....

I cannot live without my....

My Passion!
My Fur Babies! I have two ex-sled dogs and 5 (yes 5) cats...
My MacBook, Red Wine, Chocolate and cozy blankets... and EverNote!
My man, my boy and my chosen family...
And my rather large (uhummm....) Crystal Collection!!!

My passion is....

Empowering Individuals, especially daughters of abusive mothers, like me.
I love to empower on all levels, women, children, men, in their health, business, relationships.
I love to connect people and see their synergy create magic!

My favorite destination is....

Mother Nature... Anywhere I can feel the earth beneath my feet, the wind on my face and breathe in the fresh air...

Charity I support .....

Canadian Cancer Society
St.Kentigern Hospice, North Wales
Alberta Children's Hosp[ital Foundation
High River Hospital Foundation
See Uniqueness
(And various others that are supported monthly via The Mother Ship Events)

My power song is.....

To Dream the Impossible Dream' - Elvis Presley (ya...seriously!)

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