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Women of Inspiration Podcast™ – Victoria Barnes

Victoria Barnes, Formulation Assistant Manager, Dove Deodorants at Unilever | Women of Inspiration Podcast™ Victoria was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, an autistic spectrum disorder when I was a toddler. Victoria shares, her brain is wired

Financial Literacy – Elizabeth Naumovski

Fireside Chat with Elizabeth we discussed the importance of Financial Literacy and The Impact of Living a Frugal and Disciplined Life of saving and not spending beyond your means. Here’s a synopsis of our Fireside

MentorHER Mentorship – Monthly Success Call

Monthly MentorHER Success Call (Members and Non-Members) * Monthly calls included in Membership and Full MentorHER Mentorship Program. Connect with like-minded business leaders who want you to succeed Gain a fresh perspective from your peers Get

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