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Victoria Barnes, Formulation Assistant Manager, Dove Deodorants at Unilever | Women of Inspiration Podcast™

Victoria was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, an autistic spectrum disorder when I was a toddler. Victoria shares, her brain is wired a little differently, so many aspects of modern professional life affect her in ways that others take for granted.

In this podcast, we talk with Victoria about embracing the Unknown, and how her unique strengths and ways of seeing the world have helped her get to where she is, and hopefully inspire others who have similar challenges. We had an authentic conversation with Victoria, that also touched on inner-circle, supportHER, her path to success, overcoming challenges, confidence, and what brings her joy! We guarantee you will also be adding her power song to your own playlist!

Victoria is a Formulation Assistant Manager for Dove Deodorants at Unilever. She designs the products that help make beauty a source of confidence, not anxiety, using the best technology, beautiful fragrances, and incisive consumer research to make our deodorants something that enhances people’s lives. “I love being part of a diverse global team where my expertise is valued and I’m given the opportunity to constantly grow and be challenged and see first-hand the positive impact our products have on consumers’ lives. I have a strong scientific background which I used to solve problems with an eye for detail and seeing every angle. However, I am also sensitive to the needs of the business and the decision-makers and can cut through the data to make the science tell a story.” Outside of work I live with my husband Mike and our dog Amber in the countryside in East Yorkshire, United Kingdom. I love to knit and cook, and (when there isn’t a pandemic going on!) I take part in a local choir to indulge in my passion for singing and performance.

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