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Why Recognition Matters


So why is it critical to recognize the achievements of women? We need role models to celebrate, learn from and aspire to be!

When we see female entrepreneurs and women in positions of power, see what is possible. We inspire hope!

When we learn about their journeys, what motivates them, how they overcame barriers and the steps they took along with way, we are inspired to do the same.

When we celebrate their successes, we give permission for others to step into the spotlight and do the same.

When we recognize their work, we pave the path for future leaders.

 Every woman brings value to the table by contributing unique skills, backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. We as women, foster innovation, embrace inclusion and have the power to influence others to do the same. 

The Women of Inspiration™ Awards program shines the spotlight on ambitious and inspiring women from diverse backgrounds, industries and stages of life . They have one thing in common. They are role models. They are entrepreneurs, changemakers and business leaders who inspire change.

 Study after study shows, that by advancing gender equality and women’s participation in the economy, Canada could add up to $150 billion in GDP by 2026. Elevating role models and recognizing their achievements is critical.

Recognizing a woman

  • Validates her worth and the impact she is making
  • Helps her build credibility in her industry
  • Paves the path for others
  • Elevates her business as an industry leader
  • Reconfirms she is on the right path
  • Encourages other women to start business or leadership roles
  • Brings awareness to industries underrepresented by women
  • Inspires our future generation of young women
  • Enables of others to learn from her journey, wisdom and experiences
  • Connects her with other change-makers, visionaries
  • Provides her with new opportunities and connections
  • Provides local, national and global visibility
  • Empower others to dream big
  • Elevates the diversity of culture, backgrounds and industries
  • Creates part of her legacy
  • Motivates her to keep going
  • Celebrates the achievements of all women. Representation matters.

We all play a role to SupportHER. The collective voices of people in our networks, our families, and our teams play a critical role to advance women personally and professionally.

Let her know you VALUE her contribution. SupportHER on her journey!

Women of Inspiration™ Awards

Women of Inspiration™ Awards recognize the achievements of inspiring women who lead, inspire and motivate. We recognize the accomplishments of leaders from diverse industries and the allies who SupportHER™.
According to the United Nations Progress on the Sustainability Development Goals, it will take 286 years to close the global gender gap. Women’s representation in positions of power and decision-making remains below parity. By recognizing the accomplishments of woman, we value her contribution while inspiring other women to do the same. Over the past nine years, we have celebrated over 1000 entrepreneurs and business leaders across North America from diverse industries, ages and stages of life. Our Nominations reached five continents and attracted over 7,000 views of our virtual awards. Join in recognizing Top Finalists and Award winners in 15 Diverse  Award Categories.

Nominate (or Apply) a woman or SupportHER™ (Male Ally) who we need to know about! Nomination deadline June 1. Nomination Packages to be submitted by June 15.



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