2020 Women of Inspiration Nominees

2020 Women of Inspiration Nominees

Congratulations on being nominated as a Women of Inspiration who leads, inspires and motivates others to greatness!

Nominations open January 1, 2020, across Canada!


By nominating her, you are honouring her accomplishments, contributing to her legacy, validating her hard work and her contribution to the workplace. You are helping her see her worth and unknowing impact. You are taking action to SupportHER™, elevating role models to be recognized on a local, national and global level.

Your nomination empowers an inspiring woman through:

  • Local, national, and global exposure
  • Additional media and PR coverage
  • Connections with other like-minded, influential leaders
  • Opportunities to create change on a larger stage
  • Elevating her business, building her legacy as a leader in her industry
  • Recognition for her achievements and journey, and
  • Increasing her circle of influence, inspiring the next generation of leaders.

When you nominate, the ripple effect is far-reaching!


Angele Miller

Abundant by Design - CEO

I am nominating Angele because through hard work and perseverance she has and continues to build her businesses internationally. She has helped other businesses launch and reach their potential in the Canadian market as well as starting her own brands while expertly juggling her work with being a mom at the same time. Angele has become an inspiration for many women to the point where they seek her out for the opportunity to collaborate with her on projects.

Amanda Welliver

Paradigm Esteem - Owner Operator

Amanda works with the Indigenous Youth far up in Northern Alberta and all over Alberta. These youth have been raised to think they are of no value and are worthless. Amanda goes and gets to know each student to understand them and bring out their inner beauty and value. Amanda helps build these kids self-esteem and remains in touch with them long after to help give them a boost when they need it. Amanda gives these kids everything she has and after a week of classes, Amanda is so drained emotionally and physically that she goes completely offline for a couple of days. Amanda gives it her all every time and it shows.

Jillian Macdonald

AltaGas - Director of Digital Transforation

Jil is an incredibly intelligent, high achieving leader, mother and cancer survivor. Her professional recognition speaks to this: she is a Top 40 under 40 recipient in Calgary, the youngest VP ever at the Alberta Energy Regulator, recipient of the Young Women in Energy Award, to name a few. Jil excels in optimizing the corporate process and building more efficient organizations. She successfully accomplishes this by optimizing processes and streamlining corporate input, data, and workflow. Jil incubates efficient, forward-thinking teams, revolutionizing the way companies operate digitally in the energy sector.
She is strong, brilliant, adaptable, and multifaceted; drawing on her training as a Geophysicist, an MBA and a Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt Jil transforms every corporate business team she joins. She is also able to do all this while being an amazing mother to her son Benjamin and a loving wife. Jil Macdonald is a truly outstanding woman.

RuthAnne Berry

Phoenix Labs - Marketing Manager

I am nominating RuthAnne because she is a force to be reckoned with in gaming. She empowers women, encourages diversity, and holds everyone around her to a high standard of transparency and accessibility.

Jelena Solujic

03 Ozone Spa - Founder and CEO

Jelena is the Founder of 03 Ozone Spa. This unique technology heals people with many ailments. She is being pursued by private equity investors. A very well educated woman that is highly respected by her clients and community.

Suzanne Soto-Davis

2113801 Ontario Inc., Silver & Gold Publishing - Founder and CEO

Suzanne Soto-Davis is the founder of a very successful Lifestyle online Magazine called Silver and Gold Magazine. She is an icon in the communities she serves. She is an author, developer of health products and a highly respected person. A great mother and wife.

Adebola Adefioye

Afro Women and Youth Foundation - Founder

I am nominating Adebola because she has demonstrated resilience and helps other women and youth to also build resilience. She is a social entrepreneur, mother of 3, a full-time student at the college, works part-time and still finds time to do community development work on campus and outside the campus. She is a mentor to other students, she works as a tutor, helping students who struggle with courses she has taken to understand course content better. She runs the Resilient Individuals through a Supportive Culture (RISC) club on two campuses of Seneca College and she is the founder of Afro Women and Youth Foundation (AWYF) where she advocates for women and girl child empowerment and mentors her focus group.

Svetlana Ratnikova

Immigrant Women In Business (IWB) - Founder and CEO

Svetlana has created a movement of women who meet all across Toronto to network and assist each other. The groups are made of Immigrant women and men. IWB is a non-profit social enterprise association. IWB specializes in integrated multicultural joint ventures that help organizations, governments and private corporations engage and connect with Canada’s diverse ethno-cultural communities to build profile and brands. Our members are committed to improving the world through positive leadership, compassion and dedication to learning, growing and giving.

Melanie Russel

Kalex Valuations - Founder and CEO

Melanie is likely the most important woman in the world of business valuation. She is highly respected and one of the great minds in valuation and complex business issues. Melanie is the founder of Kalex Valuations Inc. and began professional practice in 1985, which includes several years of industry experience. Throughout her professional career she has been involved in many assignments for a variety of public and private companies of various sizes and across many industries, obtaining her training at two of the largest international accounting firms in the industry. Melanie placed second in Canada on the CICBV membership examination. She founded Kalex Valuations Inc. in 1996. Ms. Russell has been active in teaching business valuations and related topics since 1987 at various universities and professional organizations, and runs the premiere preparatory course for CBV students in Canada taking their national Membership Qualification Examination.

Pamela Vanston

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives - President

Pamela Vanston is a serial entrepreneur - She and her late husband started the largest coupon company in Canada. Val Pak was sold to a large institution in the United States. She is the President of Outdoor lights and the Chairwoman of Rio Welding.
She is a great woman entrepreneur.

Summer Kath


Summer Kath is a designer of world-class Quartz kitchen and other counters. Her designs are world-famous. They are tantamount to art. Cambria Canada has a Gallery at 91 Parliament Street in Toronto. Cambria USA owns one of the largest Quartz mines in North America. They process quartz in Vaughan Ontario and other locations in Canada and the USA.

Kathy Fonda Carsley

Unity for Autism - Founder and CEO

Kathy Fonda Carsley is the Founder of Unit for Autism, likely one of the most significant Charities in Autism in Canada and beyond. Kathy and her family have contributed significant funds and continue to donate to this amazing charity. A very impressive Board of Directors, including Mayor John Tory.

Shae Invidiata

Free them - Founder

With an Associate in Marketing from Hawaii Pacific University and a Bachelor of Arts from The University of British Colombia, Shae joined the Invidiata Team in 2009 and has had the privilege to work alongside her father, Christopher Invidiata who has been servicing the Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga and Toronto community since 1984. Shae has helped to develop the Invidiata brand into some of the most elite luxury markets and continues to grow the company with her father and brother. In January 2010, Free-Them was founded by Shae Invidiata; an initiative dedicated to raising awareness and funds to end human trafficking in Canada by partnering with all levels of government, law enforcement, front-line organizations, and businesses to stop exploitation and Human Trafficking in Canada. Today Free-Them is a registered Not-for-Profit organization. Invidiata has been recognized in the community and in Canada for her philanthropic work.

Glori Meldrum

Little Warriors - Founder

Glori Meldrum is the founder of Little Warriors, a national charitable organization focused on the awareness, prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse. As a survivor of child sexual abuse herself, in 2014 Glori opened the Little Warriors Be Brave Ranch, a first-of-its-kind, world-class, evidence-based treatment centre to help children across Canada who have been sexually abused. Glori believes “it’s one thing to discover your life’s purpose; it’s another to do something about it.” Her commitment to this cause is unwavering. By rallying her community, she raised $30 million for the Be Brave Ranch through thousands of donations, work in kind and grassroots fundraising. Under Glori’s guidance and leadership, the Be Brave Ranch offers unique research-based programming – with 11 different types of therapy, children receive more than 200 hours of trauma-informed therapy during their year-long program. The ranch has helped nearly 400 families and provided over 80,000 hours of therapy.

Natasha Bridgmohan

The BridgGroup of Companies - President & Chief Visionary Officer

Vision Builder Award -Natasha had a dream that she turned into a plan, that grew into a passion from a young age. Her foresight is apparent to the people around her, which influences them to bring their dreams into reality. Owning her own company to help her family, community and anyone in between, has been her mission. Educating the community about financial literacy to lead them to be financially confident, and make their own dreams & visions come to fruition, is at the top of her list. Offering a yearly student scholarship adds to fulfill her cup. Natasha has many accolades and accomplishments that she is proud of, but recently one of her many achievements is, collaborating on a book which is of inspiring stories of female immigrant entrepreneurs. Inspiring millennial's to have a vision through her financial literacy classes, encourages her to keep pushing higher.

Puja Amin

Sanskriti Arts - Artistic Director

Puja is the Winner of Global Excellence Award 2019 for the Best Dance & Entertainment Studio in Canada, presented by Bollywood actor Madhuri Dixit. Her Mission through her company Sanskriti Arts is to bring together people from all ages and diverse cultural backgrounds through the expressive-art-form of dance. They at Sanskriti Arts strive to create a universal platform where health and wellness can be enhanced through dance, yoga and movement, and where boundaries are dissolved to create cultural inclusion. In order to further her motive in 2010, she embarked into a new realm of dance and pushed forward into dance-fitness to launch the new dance-fitness program, BollyCORE, teaching at various locations across the GTA. And now ‘Dance Diaries‘- a global Initiative to promote cross cultural exchange through borders. She hopes to dissolve boundaries and bring to our local Canadian talent, pioneers within their field to enhance their knowledge in performing arts.

Bella Onay

Mom2mombiz - Connector

Bella holds a BA degree in Political Science & International Relations and has worked at European, Canadian and US financial institutions for 20 years in the international banking relationship management area. She had the chance to travel and expand her network with connections from diverse cultures. Bella believes in the importance of trust-building and considers that networking is about planting relations. Her passion of connecting with like-minded business women led Bella to found Mom2Mom Biz female entrepreneur networking group. In November 2017, Bella started facilitating face-to-face meet ups called NET(WORK)SHOPs. With this concept, she gathers female entrepreneurs for networking and learning at local Mom2Mom Biz member-owned venues, while featuring experts and professionals who present variety of topics related to business as well as self-development.

Kira Dunlop

Boring Little Girls Club - President

Kira is a trailblazer and gifted leader. When she realized at age 22 that her alcohol and drug use were taking her down a dark path she became sober and subsequently lost all of her friends and her hangouts. Instead of getting bummed out, she founded the Boring Little Girls Club in November 2018. She is focused on growing a community that provides safe spaces while proving to all that you can have fun and still be sober. One of her personal missions is to connect with other sober or trying-to-be-sober women, non-binary and trans individuals and ensure they know they are not alone in their quest to live sober lives. She is a powerful voice for change and insists on challenging the expectations around the use of alcohol in our society as well as ensuring that safe spaces are always available for those who swim against the current.

Daniela Correia

D.C. Global Talent Inc. - C.E.O/ Founder

Daniela has recruited over 100 people to work in the Caribbean since started her business 4 years ago. She is an advocate for hotels in the Caribbean to hire locally and is working with government officials in Jamaica and St. Thomas (USVI) to promote hospitality as a career for students and highlight the career trajectories so locals can benefit from the growth of the hospitality industry in their community. Daniela also is always positive on Instagram, sharing inspiring quotes, stories and leading by example so other women can have the confidence to build the life of their dreams. Daniela owns and operates a hospitality recruitment agency and also works as an HR consultant for hotels in the Caribbean. She is inspiring because she works hard everyday, takes care of her body through exercise, her mind through meditation and is always sharing her secrets. I've learnt to have mantras and affirmations through Daniela. She is an active reader and just an over all friendly, inspiring person.

Caroline Sangret

Terra HDD Solutions - Caroline Sangret

Caroline Sangret is one hard working mama I tell you. Caroline is extremely determined and puts in so much effort into everything she does, especially relating to business. No detail ever goes unmissed. Despite working full time as a Project Manager for Terra HDD Solutions she also volunteers weekly for the Association of Administrative Professionals as a Program Coordinator. She has put in a lot of time and energy volunteering and planning events for the board of administration which have all been known to be a HUGE success! On top of this, she is balancing caring for her five year old son. Caroline is an extremely success driven individual and hopes to become an entrepreneur of her own business too. She makes time for everything that is important to her whether that is her son, family, health and overall well-being. Caroline is the type of woman that will show up for her team no matter what and will always ensure things are done meticulously.

Maureen Smith

Womens Millionare Magazine - Founder and CEO

Maureen is the Publisher and Editor of Women's Millionaire Magazine.

Raffela Mancuso

Mental Health Advocate

Raffela is an amazing mental health and body positive advocate and one of my best friends. She is always helping people learn, feel better about themselves, and improve their allyship.

Diana Monea

Eye Health Centres - Owner

Dr.Monea is bold and has the fortitude and courage to push through her fears, and take a stand on what she believes. She is a warrior, and courageous fighter for what she believes in and how she sees herself and the world. Dr.Monea is someone I would like to emulate because she changes the world with her positive message — I see one consistent theme: she uses all of herself (her past pain, her “quirks” and idiosyncrasies, her raw experiences, her unique voice, and her past and current struggles) to uplift the world.


Middle Aged Renegade - Writer

Jenna is the strongest, most resilient woman I have ever met. She has successfully completed her PhD and MBA while single handedly raising two children. She moved her entire life from Toronto to Calgary to accept a job in the Environmental Sector in Oil and Gas, a completely male dominated environment. When she found the sector to be too toxic for her mental health, Jenna had the strength to speak out against those who were negatively affecting her through harassment and gaslighting. She chose herself, Her happiness. Jenna left O & G and is now making a name for herself as a freelancer technical writer and happiness blogger.

Karen Fellowes

DLA Piper LLP - Counsel

Karen is a leader and mentor to all women she encounters. She has used her role of senior lawyer, which includes being recognized as a QC lawyer, to help so many other women, both in Canada and around the world. She has volunteered in Nepal and other third world countries training young female lawyers on how to advocate for themselves. She is on the international board of IWIRC (International Women's Insolvency & Restructuring Confederation), and is on the board of PBLA (Pro Bono Law Alberta). She not only believes in but fights for equality and inclusion. Above all of this, Karen is kind, incredibly funny, creative and adventurous. I am privileged to call her a colleague but more importantly as friend.

Maeghen Cotterill

5 Elements Martial Arts - Owner, Head Instructor, President WKU Canada

Renshi Maeghen is a trailblazer in not only the martial arts community but in the sports community. She is an 11 time world champion in kick boxing and karate, and is currently the president of the World Karate Union Canadian chapter, making her the first female president of WKU worldwide. She spends an extraordinary amount of time speaking about mental health, sitting on boards, and fighting for inclusion, equality, and safety of females in sport. Renshi (a title granted to a 5th degree black belt) sponsors many low income students to train for free at her school, which is Canada's largest and founded by her. She is currently lobbying government to amend legislation related to equality and safety for women in sport.

Sibel Coskuner

RBC Dominion Securities - Investment Advisor

Sibel is an extraordinary single mom, who immigrated to Canada from Turkey to create a new life for her and her daughter. She is a leader in the wealth management industry, an engineer, an artist and a woman of inspiration on so many levels. Her passion for helping other women grow and build their wealth combined with her talent for visual art is so unique. Sibel holds many high level distinctions in her field internationally as well as in Canada.

Donna Hreys

Knitted Knockers Alberta - Manager/Director

Donna has almost single handedly organized over 200 volunteers (knitters, Lingerie Shops, Yarn shops, cancer clinics) to provide free knitted prosthetics to any Canadian breast cancer survivor. These free light weight, comfortable knitted prosthetics (daily & for swimming) replace the hot, heavy and expensive silicone medical breast prosthetics. She maintains the website, Facebook & Instagram page and sends personal notes to all requests, vacuum packs and mails out. To date almost 6000 knitted knockers have been sent and sadly the requests continue to flood in. She is a tireless caring "behind the scene" lady that deserves recognition.

Ejibola Adetokunbo-Taiwo

de Sedulous Women Leaders - Founder

Ejibola is an astonishing, selfless and fearless leaders who inspires and empowers women through entrepreneurship; her desire is to die empty of all the skills and potentials she’s got within her by impacting the lives of women around her. After facing a life-threatening sickness years back that almost took her life, she become even more committed to motivate women around her to reach for the best in their career and enterprise. Ejibola is a trailblazer and would go ABCD (above and beyond the call of duty) to celebrate and encourage all her women, she’s the exact type of woman that makes you believe your impossible dream is actually possible if only you can dare to pursue it, she is indeed a role model for every immigrant women especially those of us in the rural Canada. She is the Founder of “de Sedulous Women Leaders” in Canada with City chapters in Grande Prairie, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and Toronto (and more to come).

Neeru Schippel

SSC Family Restaurants Ltd o/a McDonald's - Owner/ Operator

She has accomplished something pretty amazing. She has built the current market to an excess of 16 million in Edmonton and is 1 of 6 female operators out of a total of 91 in all of Western Canada. This is astonishing to me. Less than 10% of all Canada wide operators are female. She makes the time to take part in monthly fundraising for the community and sit on various boards in Edmonton while encouraging her 200 some employees to also give back. Many are immigrants and first generation individuals, she guides them in ways not only to have fun in life but always give back no matter how big or small.

Kosa Dzaic


My mom. She is mentally tougher than anyone else. She battles cancer and is beating it. She needs more love. This would mean a lot.

Margot Grant Witz

Elizabeth Grant International Inc. - Vice President

Margot embodies the true spirit of an entrepreneur through her tireless work with her company and various board appointments, striving to make positive change. She is a leader in her field but also an ambassador for her family’s company, travelling the world to spread the word of the Elizabeth Grant brand. From a very young age, Margot has been “in training heels”, garnering invaluable tutelage from her President mother, Marion, and Founder and grandmother, Elizabeth Grant. Through hard work and forward thinking, Margot has been able to make the brand a recognized name around the world. Nevertheless, it’s not all business and networking for Margot. She also has a keen sense of the real world around her and a deep need to give back. This she does through running ‘EG cares’, the charitable division at Elizabeth Grant International and through volunteering with Look Good Feel Better.

Klaudia Capalbo

Fashion Group International - Regional Director

Klaudia is heavily involved in the fashion industry with over 12 years experience as a professor, mentor and contributes on several advisory boards. She joined Fashion Group International 2 years ago as a member on the Board of Directors and has recently been chosen as the new Regional Director of this global organization. She is passionate about supporting our fashion industry by creating a FGI "family" that elevates, educates and empowers one another so that our Canadian talent continues to be promoted and celebrated and helps others achieve their business goals through her programs and initiatives. In her short time in this lead role since January, she has already brought on 9 sponsors for the first time in history and hosted incredible events that have broken records in attendance and generated buzz and excitement. She is a game changer that has already begun to shake up the fashion industry and deserves to be recognized for her contribution over the past 10+ years.

Aisha Kitchlew

ATB Financial - Senior Manager, Fraud and Anti Money Laundering

Aisha is a full time working mother of two small children, but continues to grow within her professional career, while inspiring other women to follow their dreams and passion. In addition to her flourishing career, Aisha helps her husband with day to day operations at Inclusive Energy Ltd., a company started by both Aisha and her husband. Aisha exceeds expectations in all categories of life including being a mother, a professional, a friend and entrepreneur. She has assisted many of her friends with start ups and has provided consultation to many young entrepreneurs to help put them on the right path and gain access to the right resources. Aisha is truly an inspiration to many.

Ameera Amerulllah

Canada Mortgage and Financial Group - CMFG - Broker and Owner

Ameera is an award winning Mortgage Broker who over her established career has had countless accolades speaking to her accomplishments. These have come via clients, lenders and other professionals who choose to speak to her professionalism and endless efforts. She has been nominated this year for the Community Trust Award for Alternative Broker Specialist of the Year, Brokerage of the Year (Fewer than 25 Employees) and Home Trust Award for Woman of Distinction. Often times you find that professionals excel in one particular area but Ameera has maintained a balance between the success of her business and humanitarian work. Her purpose is to be the voice for those that are vulnerable, empowering women to take on leadership roles, providing care and education to orphaned children, building affordable housing, educating others about financial literacy, eradicate elder abuse and human trafficking. She believes to have change, we must become agents of change.


Nuscreen Inc - CEO & Co-Founder

Meg is an influential leader in the tech community and is constantly trying to lift other women up and get them involved in the industry. She hosts a weekly online event #WOMENXWORK for women who are self-employed.

Lulu Liang

Luxy Hair - CEO

Lulu Liang is the CEO of Luxy Hair, an 8 figure global beauty business and the #1 rated hair extension brand in the world. Lulu grew the team from 2 to 20 and has taken Luxy Hair to be one of the Top 50 Best Places to work in Canada. She quadrupled the business from $5 million to $20 million in revenue and led the successful sale of the company. She is also the co-founder of Evergreen Journals, the creator of the Habit Journal - a product helping people build positive and lasting habits. Prior to Luxy Hair, Lulu was a Management Consultant at Accenture where she consulted on Strategy for Fortune 100 Tech Companies and Retailers. Lulu holds a degree in Commerce and Mathematics from Queen’s University where she graduated in the top 10% of her class. Lulu is passionate about continuous self and business growth.

Karen Seward Adams

Snapclarity - Chief Commercial and Health Innovation Officer

Karen has spent her career as an advocate for mental health. As the executive leader of shepell.fgi (warrenshepell, morneau shepell) she created awareness amongst corporations of the existence of mental health. She developed programs that offered the ability to cope with mental health and has been recognized as a pioneer by benefits Canada. She is the chair of the Ontario Shores Foundation for mental health. She coaches young women in business to ensure they overcome obstacles and barriers.

Merhan Keller

Merhan Keller, KissyK - CEO of KissyK

Merhan Keller is one of the bravest women who changed the way women are perceived in the middle east and specifically in Egypt. Egypt is ranked number 2 in sexual harassment and violence against women. Merhan Keller spoke up against the sexual harassment she was subjected to, in addition to the death threats she received from a famous and powerful football player in Egypt. As a result, Merhan has been bullied, mocked, threatened and she suffered a lot throughout her battle especially after deciding to fight him in court. Many women in Egypt created a twitter thread similar to #metoo movement and spoke up against the same football who has been terrorizing women for years. he has been accused of rape, sexual molestation and violence. After so many women supported Nerhan, the court finally ruled in her favor. she has sent a clear message to everybody in a male-dominated society that there is still hope and that women should stick together and support each other. Merhan is a model who is also a very active humanitarian.

Ehi Ade-Mabo

Ehi Ade-Mabo Empowerment Media - Mindset Coach

Ehi is a Phenomenal and selfless leader, she goes above and beyond for everyone around her, having been bullied in her teenage years because of her unusual physical traits, she is now determined to make sure no little girl or woman goes through the same painful experiences of a low self esteem. Ehi not only empowers women to push through their limiting beliefs, she also does this internationally with little girls in 3rd world nations, she believes its important to start mending a person's beliefs much earlier. I am nominating her because she does for the mind what a heart surgeon does for the heart...changing paradigms and limiting beliefs

Veronica Aldrey

WE Charity - Youth and Family Engagement Specialist

Veronica supports young people and their families each and every day to make a difference in their community. Veronica works with children one on one to ensure she knows exactly what their goals are and will do everything in her power to help them achieve them. She is a mentor to hundreds of young people around the world and inspires people of all ages to give back through her dedication to service. Having led several international volunteer trips and facilitated dozens of social justice workshops, Veronica's reach is nothing short of astounding. There is no one more deserving of a Women of Inspiration Award.

Lauren Fox

WE Charity - Director of Youth and Family Engagement

Lauren Fox is a fearless leader in the non-profit world. She is a trailblazer and has created new roles within an evolving international organization. Lauren dedicates herself to empowering young people to reach their goals, be their true selves and most importantly to create positive change in the world. She is always looking for ways to help others and inspire them to do the same.

Melanie McClare

Swirltex - CEO

The impact that Melanie contributes to her friendships, family & career is simple impossible to explain. This woman is truly one of the purest, kind and respected individuals you will ever meet her heart shines the second you meet her and just being in her presence fulfills you. Melanie is beyond intelligent, her enthusiasm and drive to make the best of her life and achieve things most would consider impossible inspires me every day. She has done so much in her short life including biking across Canada to raise money from Cancer, graduating at the top of her class to obtain a Professional Engineering degree, raising two young beautiful children, completing her yoga teacher training and if that wasn't enough working and going to school full time to achieve her EMBA from the Haskayne School of Business. Through that experience, her career has lead her down a path to become the Chief Executive Officer for a small start-up company in Calgary called Swirltex.

Jennifer Rabanillo

Styleworthy - Founder

Jennifer take the time to produce events that are unapologetic conversations about style and self amongst a diverse group of individuals. She is relateable to women who are on their journey of self love. A shining light she is approachable and loyal.

Marc Bombenon

SureCall - Chairman

He has been a supporter of the women not only in his organization but also in other organizations to help build and teach them all they need to know about business. He also is a support of the Hero Girls program which is a program specifically designed to help women and young girls to help them achieve an education. His support and advocation in women entrepreneurs is the reason why I would like to nominate him.

Caitlynne Medrek

YYC PRINCESS - Owner/Fairy Godmother

Every day Caitlynne wakes up with the dream to inspire more children. She believes they are the future of our world and deserve to be seen, heard and told they can do anything they put their mind too - of course, anyone can nurture a child in that way, but the creative and hands on ways that Caitlynne does it are what make her special. Caitlynne runs summer camps, teaches art, writes original musicals, plans events all over the city, runs charities and works with Dreams Take Flight, Make a Wish, Children's Wish, Children's Hospital, Enmax, Calaway Park, Storybook Theatre, Calgary Public Library and more - all while maintaining a strong acting career in film and theatre! She played Ewan McGregor's daughter in Fargo Season 3, and won the Betty Mitchell award for Outstanding Actress in a musical for Billy Elliot at Theatre Calgary.

Natasha Smith

Miller Thomson LLP - Law Partner, Social Impact Group

Natasha is a partner in Miller Thomson’s Social Impact Group, a practice dedicated to providing legal advise to charities and non-profits. Natasha is a member of the Black Female Lawyers network, the Canadian Association of Black Lawyers (CABL) and participates in many other organizations. Natasha is a regular mentor of black law students looking for career guidance and professional development, particularly as it pertains to securing employment on Bay Street. Natasha is a co-founding member of Miller Thomson’s Black History Month Committee, established in 2019, which aims to highlight the successes of black Canadians both internally and externally as well as bring awareness to matters surrounding diversity and inclusion. Natasha has worked diligently to achieve her "partner" status and at the age of 33 is the youngest black female partner on Bay Street. She is compassionate, fearless and loyal, a true woman of inspiration!

Mikaella Celestin

Ottawa Hair Loss Clinic & Wellness - CEO

Mikaella is making a massive difference in Canada with Trichology. She is the first black owned operated Trichology clinic in Canada. She been helping peoples regaining confidence and growing their hair back by applying only holistic approach. She also an incredible business woman managing different businesses.

Mani Mukhija

Virago Network - Founder & CEO

Mani has been doing exemplary work in the field of women empowerment through her initiative of building a community of women professionals. The initiative is called- "The Virago Network". Her vision is to build a supportive international community of professional women, industry leaders and corporates from diverse industries to strengthen and improve the status of women in our society. She has been working hard to build a platform for Mentorship, Professional Guidance & Support that includes emotional support as well. She is putting efforts to connect with industry leaders and shine a spotlight on Female leaders & Entrepreneurs in order to create the Archetype of Women as Leaders who can then turn role models for the generations to follow.
She has taken initiatives towards women empowerment during her stay in United States and she was noticed and featured in media for doing so.

Megan Ledarney

The Extensionist - Owner

Megan Ledarney is the CEO of The Extensionist. A well known Extension salon founded in 2014. Megan's own experience with hair loss and bullying in school ignited a passion to help others restore confidence. Megan was only 24 when she opened the doors to her first Edmonton salon, she created a non damaging extension technique (Voguepearl) that quickly gained National exposure because of its seamless application. Megan’s true passion is working with men and women to help them understand hair loss and find solutions that work for them no matter their situation. By sharing and expressing her true self, she has reached out to and encouraged women to achieve the unimaginable and reach their full potential. She exudes positivity and confidence, she celebrates and encourages her peers accomplishments and she works endlessly to keep growing both personally and professionally.

Ariane Roberto

Ary - Singer/Songwriter

Ary is an excellent role model. She sings in English, French, Hindi, Tamil, and can hold her own with Italian and German as well, Her live performances are remarkable, and I think she really shows young people that they can do anything with enough hard work and determination! We have performed in multiple shows together, she has raised the bar for all the performers each and every time, and I think she absolutely deserves a Woman of Inspiration Award!

Meseret Haileyesus

CEO, President Canadian Center for Women’s Empowerment, Maternity Today and Owner Nacre Organics

Meseret Haileyesus is an entrepreneur, ambassador, founder, humanitarian and advocate for gender equality. She is the Director of the Canadian Center for Women's Empowerment, an organization that supports domestic violence survivors and homeless through mentorship to achieve long term safety’s financial stability in Ottawa. She is also the Founder/ Executive Director for Maternity Today and Nacre organics. Meseret has assisted pregnant women through the amazing journey of pregnancy, childbirth, and new motherhood in rural areas. She has more than 14 years of experience working in NGOs, global corporates and United Nations agencies as a midwife and public health expert. Meseret advocates for non-toxic, plant-based, fair trade, and zero-waste personal care products. Meseret was recently named one of the 100 Most Accomplished Black Canadian Women. She was also a nominee for Canadian Excellence in Global Women and Children’s Health. She mentored women-owned businesses, domestic violence survivors, emerging leaders and provided opportunities to marginalized groups.

Sabina Wex

Sabina Wex Consulting - Founder and CEO

Sabina has dedicated herself to promoting women in business as her career. She's only 24, but she has created a PR consulting business that is successful BECAUSE it uplifts other women in the process. She works so hard to make sure that the women she works for are seen as they truly are, whether that be women in STEM, women breaking barriers in tech or women entrepreneurs. She helps all her clients reach the people they need to speak to through her excellent relationship with media, like CP24, Refinery29 or The Globe and Mail.

Selene Vakharia


Selene works tirelessly to lift up business women in Northern Canada, thanks to her work of creating SMRT Women, a community of female entrepreneurs that help each other get unstuck so they can create profitable and sustainable businesses they love. Selene does her work out Whitehorse, but she is now bringing it to women across Canada with her online academy to help women across Canada (and around the world!) start, grow and love their businesses.

Jenna Lessner

Simply Nurtured - Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant

Jenna Lessner is a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant who goes above and beyond for her clients. After her own 130-pound weight loss Jenna became passionate about nutrition and helping other individuals improve their health and longevity. Jenna focuses her work around emotional eating and body positivity coaching which allows her to help her clients get to the root of their issues with food. Many of Jenna’s clients see the positive effects of her nutrition coaching ripple out into every facet of their lives, empowering them to live their very best life.

Lindsay MacNevin

Women Who Explore - Founder

Lindsay is an inspiration. The kind of woman that makes you believe in following impossible dreams. Lindsay has built a community and inspired thousands of women through her message of, “ you can, we can, together.” By founding Women Who Explore Lindsay has opened doors for countless women to pursue their dreams and follow their hearts. I am nominating her because I believe, as do numerous others, that she deserves recognition for the work she has done to build and grow a powerful and positive female presence in the outdoor/travel industry.

Jaime Moore

Jaime Moore (Jaime Moore Photography) - Founder

Jaime Moore is an incredible woman who has dedicated her career to inspiring young women across the world with her BOLD and INSPIRING photography. She has taken the world by storm with her portrayals of her young daughter in poses and ensembles that resemble the world's most inspiring women, showing that every girl can accomplish great things like the women who have paved paths to inclusion and innovation.

Desiree Bombenon

SureCall - CEO

Desiree is the epitome of a woman supporter. She has taken an industry and made it into something completely different in how we view what we do. Desiree has also taken on global efforts in helping women and young girls in areas that would not normally have the support through her Hero Girls program. She lifts other women up within the organization and is always wanting to better the world wherever she can.

Gina Perrault

Restorative Sports Therapy - Founder/Phyisotherapist

Gina Perrault is a Living Inspiration to all who are blessed to be a part of her mission: To aspire to be our healthiest by accepting and loving who we are by nourishing our lives with Self Care, Self Love, Self Compassion and Self Passion. Gina’s strong calling to empower our youth has also led her to become an integral team member of the Orenda Society and a passionate mentor to her youth clients. As a physiotherapist, Gina is an integral part of the formation of many young athletes and her direction and guidance has allowed our youth to navigate through the highs and lows of competitive sports which has allowed them to grow into confident young men and women who serve as positive role models for their peers. Gina’s inspirational seeds will only keep growing in the lives of so many.

Tara Vasdani

Remote Law Canada - Principal Lawyer and Founder

Tara has been a role model to women in the legal industry and beyond throughout her career. In 2019, she was featured in Forbes as she championed the remote work movement and encouraged women aspiring to attain leadership positions to achieve work-life balance, through the use of technology, and effective remote work arrangements. Through numerous speaking engagements alongside Microsoft, Datto, and RBC, Tara has drawn significant attention to the use of technology and artificial intelligence in business and law practice. In 2019, Tara was interviewed across every CBC news station in Ontario, with respect to her innovative approach to litigation. In 2018 and 2019, she was nominated for Canadian Lawyer's Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers. Tara has been an influential force to young lawyers, and remains active in her community as a mentor to the SAWL program and through publishing articles for Canadian Lawyer, HR Insider, and The Lawyer's Daily.

Shana Perkins

Capital City Condors - Co-Founder and General Manager

She’s tireless, she gives and gives, and sacrifices for the benefit of others. She Co-founded and is the General Manager of what has grown to be the largest adapted hockey program in the world! Young people and adults with special needs, and their families benefit each day from her extraordinary dedication and compassion. In addition, while having four kids of her own, she adopted two young sisters, providing for them a home and loving family. So as a Mom to six kids, from 5-32 years old, Grandma and consistent baby-sitter to 4 little ladies 4 years old and under, wife, daughter, sister, sign-language interpreter, there’s not enough room to explain why she deserves this!

Linda Lefebvre

Linda Lefebvre - Mother

Linda is an amazing lady who helped her son, Tysen, raise over a million dollars for Make A Wish of Eastern Ontario! She has worked tirelessly, behind the scenes to enable and support her son to achieve this incredible goal. She is truly an unsung hero.

Monique Auffrey

Discovery House Violence Preventation Society - CEO

Monique Auffrey leads with a big heart and a sharp mind. As CEO of Discovery House Family Violence Prevention Society, a social profit agency in Calgary and a survivor of domestic violence, she is laser focused in eradicating domestic violence and ending the traumatic cycle by focusing on building resiliency in traumatized children. Monique is recognized nationally and internationally for her achievements. From the very beginning of Monique’s career, she has been a global pioneer in developing programs to help vulnerable people. After graduating with a Masters of Social Work from Dalhousie University, she worked with the Department of Foreign Affairs, Canadian Red Cross and Mines Action Canada and Oxfam to deliver a mandated program of landmine awareness in the Atlantic Region. Monique is an active member of the Alberta Council of Women Shelters and has most recently been nominated to the Alberta Family Violence Death Review Committee (FVDRC).

Shelley Visser

Front door investments - Mentor

Shelley is one amazing woman. She mentors women through her business front door investments and helps them achieve great things. She runs a real estate business and teaches others how to do what she has done. She has raised her two children on her own and has been thrown some major tragedies in her life and shares her stories to help others. She is the first to step up when others need help. She is one in a million. Shelley goes above and beyond every single day. Currently, she is going out of her comfort zone and starting her own podcasts/videos and they are not only inspiring but help others with many different facets of life.

Candice Bell

Self Love Renovation - Owner/Founder

Candice leads by example. She goes above and beyond with every event she plans and supports women in business creating courses and meeting with women to build their business. She lives what she teaches. I am grateful for all she does.

Sharon Vinderine

PTPA Media Inc. - CEO

For creating a program that is based on positively impacting the lives of the communities that we work within. Sharon has changed the way consumers make purchasing decisions but has also made sure to positively change the idea that you don't get something for nothing. With Sharon's company, in fact, you do.

Maya Corona

Maya Corona Art & Design - Owner, Magic Colour Maker

Maya is an amazing woman who, at the age of 27, moved to Canada not knowing any English, to attend school in BC. Since then, she has started a successful graphic design and branding business with her husband. However, it is her most recent commitment to being her true self that inspires me every single day. This is her commitment to building her watercolor painting workshops and career as an artist. She is unlike anyone I've ever met - committed to her work, her children, her students. She is creative beyond belief and always willing to lift someone's soul when they are doubting their own artistry. She is pure light and helps other people discover the power of their own colors.

Brandi Leifso

Evio Beauty - Founder/CEO

Brandi Leifso is the CEO and founder of Evio. Launched in 2019, Evio’s line of cosmetics and skincare products are affordable, inclusive, vegan, cruelty-free, toxin-free, gluten-free and paraben-free, as well as ethically and consciously produced with thoughtful, sustainable packaging. Leifso created the concept for the company when she was 21 and living in a women's shelter. Since then, she has raised millions through strategic alliances and has won the support of a coveted board of directors and advisors while growing Evio into a successful direct to consumer brand with distribution across North America. Leifso secured a spot as an alumni member of the esteemed Sephora Accelerate program (2018), and has spoken at Forbes Under 30’s first-ever Global Women Summit in Israel (2019), Cosmetic Executive Women’s Future of Cannabis in Beauty in Los Angeles (2019), and the CAFA Fashion & Retail Forum in Toronto (2019).

Geri Greenall

Spartan Delta Corp. - Chief Financial Officer

Geri’s ambition, intelligence, network and significant accomplishments complement precisely the stellar community of potential recipients. Geri has demonstrated strong female leadership and made incredible contributions to the business community (across multiple sectors including energy, technology, finance and political), providing significant impact to many organizations and boards, and making her highly deserving of the honour and opportunity bestowed by the Universal Womens Network. Geri currently is the Chief Financial Officer of Spartan Delta Corp. Prior thereto she co-founded and was a Portfolio Manager at a wealth management firm. She is also currently an Independent Director on Kelt Exploration’s Ltd. Board (a publicly traded energy company) and serves her community as a Director on both Discovery House Violence Prevention Society and Providence School boards.

Carolina Bessega

Stradigi AI - Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder

Coming from Venezuela over 10 years ago, Carolina Bessega, has had a meteoric rise as the co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Stradigi AI. Carolina has established Stradigi AI as a Canadian leader in the AI field. She leads a team of over 30 PhDs, having developed over multiple algorithms and published papers. She presents from the unique perspective of being a female CSO and co-founder of an AI solutions provider, developing a cutting edge AI platform for enterprises and governments. Carolina’s role in building a diverse and inclusive workforce at Stradigi AI is a true example of her impact as a trailblazing leader. More than 35% of the team at Stradigi AI are women, which is above average in the tech industry. The research team’s high percentage of women is a result of and testament to her focus on women in STEM.

Tara Clark

Social T. - Founder & CEO

Tara Clark is the CEO of Vancouver-based social media agency,
Social T. She established the company in 2010 and since has made her mark in digital marketing by helping professional services and the food and beverage industry improve how they use social media. Tara's mission is to guide her clients and network on how to use social in the most effective and efficient way. In addition to her business ventures, Tara speaks to audiences of all sizes on how to elevate their interactions by empowering attendees to be more authentic online and off.

Priscilla Kosseim

BDO Canada LLP - Senior Consultant

Priscilla believes that supporting women through their educational and professional paths is the road that will lead them to progress to leadership positions in the business world. In 2016-17, Priscilla founded and led Carleton Women in Business (CUWIB), a not-for-profit organization that seeks to empower women by bringing awareness to the discrepancies present in women’s rights, equality and social justice. She articulates issues in health, education and entrepreneurship in both public and private sectors as they relate to economic and social development. Today, Priscilla oversees the allocation of the budget and provides advisory services to the executive team as the Chair of board’s association. She is also well-versed in translating the company’s missions and goals into operating plans with clear benchmarks and annual objectives. Priscilla also oversees two additional not-for-profits as a board member.

Devina Kaur

Sexy Brilliant Global Revolution - Founder/CEO

Devina Kaur is the founder of The Sexy Brilliant ™ Global Revolution. A fun-loving, flamboyant straight-talker born and raised in India, she’s a North America based author, filmmaker, researcher, philanthropist, and media personality. As a full time student of life, Devina the relentless optimist is out to share the teachings through the trademarked K.A.U.R. process with the world and empower herself and others in loving their bodies and themselves from the inside out. She currently resides in Montreal, Canada with her clever eight year old and various fur babies. You can find her and her powerful message of self-love, empowerment, and confidence anytime at www.sexybrilliant.com. The mission of SEXY BRILLIANT™ Foundation is to remove toxic shame and create a world of more happiness.

Chelsea Fournier

Chelsea Buns Cross Stitch - Owner

Chelsea Fournier has quickly established herself as a great small business owner in the Ottawa Canada area. Through her love of her hobby she is trying to inspire other women to become their own badass selves through her Stitch Mafia logo and designs. She is also attempting to make crafting, which is traditionally not very avante garde to be current and "cool" again.
The more significant part of her mission is to keep needle arts relevant and interesting so that future generations can benefit from these crafts.

Melissa Gilpin

Honors Psychology Student - going into final year @ UOttawa

Melissa has an incredible story of resilience, determination, and courage. She continues to move through her journey, transforming the tragic situations she has experienced in her short life. In the face of rare adversity, which included the loss of her beloved son, and followed by a severe and life threatening decline in her health which led to many interruptions of her pursuit of higher education, she refused to allow depression or negative influences to make her choices for her. With a positive attitude, Melissa worked very hard to redirect her life after each experience, choosing not to succumb to these tragedies but to get through each one. Melissa is able to use her exceptional inner strength to draw on these lessons in order to offer inspiration to others: one-to-one informal discussion or in front of an audience. She is passionate about mental health awareness and Missing and Murdered Indigenous women.

Jen Hamlin

Bow River Solutions Inc - CEO & Sr. Predictive Analytics Professional

Jen has become a leader in the IT community in regards Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. Jen has become a icon on how smart solutions are applied to companies and how those solutions can help companies Jen started Bow River Solutions since 2005 and has delivered hundreds of dashboards, reporting solutions, planning and forecasting projects, data warehouses and data integrations, and more. Jen fell in love with Business Intelligence, before the term was even coined, in the era of basic data display and drag-and-drop reports. Now, many years later, the possibilities are endless for enabling business with self-serve data visualization and predictive analytics and we are delighted to be among the leaders in our industry. Jen's team is proud to be known for going the extra mile to make sure our clients’ expectations are exceeded, not just met.

Deanna Werklund

Emergenetics Canada - CEO

For years Emergentics has been in the US, Asia and Europe but they were never able to find someone good enough to carry their brand in Canada… that is until they met Deanna. She had to go through an intensive, arduous interview process and only then were they confident enough to have her purchase the rights. Deanna is a born leader and very successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. She simultaneously runs Emergenetics, the registered charity Empowering Minds, attends and donates to numerous other charities in this city all while also being a part-time student at AU Arts (Formerly ACAD) in glass blowing. Deanna is an innovator, imaginative, intuitive about ideas, a visionary all while being relational, socially aware, empathic and intuitive about people. She is also a well rounded business women by having the qualities of being a clear/practical thinker and logical problem solver. She is a woman of inspiration.

Kashlee Kucheron

Travel off the path - Global influencer award

Kashlee has it all “seemingly” she was a successful realtor, lived in an amazing home, drove an expensive car had crazy expensive clothes and lived a lavish lifestyle but something was missing from her life. She was young successful and had life in the Palm of her hand. Then it unravelled bit by bit. She dug her way out - met the man of her dreams and they ended up selling 90% of what they own and started traveling the world. She started a hobby travel blog which ended up becoming a business because she found a niche that people needed. Her honesty and down to earth attitude and light hearted approach to writing has made her a author of a best selling book. She now works for BOSSBABE in California but gets to travel the world and is a sought after by many travel companies for her uncanny skill for telling what the tourist needs to know. She is a force to be reckoned with. Plus she is willing to share with anyone and everyone and wants to give back.

Diksha Deo


Diksha is the Founder, CEO at INCUBSENCE and serves on its Board of Directors. She is a renowned technology and motivational speaker and has given 300+ talks. Awarded as Exceptional Woman of Excellence 2019 by Women's Economic Forum. She leads the development of Infrastructure platforms, analytical decision model & algorithms. The responsibility of delivering the software in INCUBSENCE’s innovative products. Diksha is a brain on INCUBSENCE’s efforts to minimize its impact on the environment by banning plastic on INCUBSENCE campus. She is also geared up for setting up a renewable energy roadmap on INCUBSENCE campus. She is ethically responsible for INCUBSENCE’s pledge policy programs for INCUBSENCE foundation. With 10+ years of experience, Diksha held several roles in many International and national organizations. Diksha holds a Master and a Bachelor of Computer Application degree from prominent Indian Universities. She won many prestigious awards during her Masters inclusive of Best All Rounder.

Jennifer Joseph

Jake’s House Charity - Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer Joseph is an extraordinary woman who leads by example. With So much courage, confidence, commitment, and integrity, she inspires all who work with her to go that little bit further, She works helping individuals affected by autism reach their god given potential. As a friend in the same type of work she inspires me to do go that extra bit and do as much as possible to help these children I deal with. She is a true role model to myself in making this world a better place.

Kalynn Crump

ReBLOOM - Founder/CEO

Kalynn Crump is working to reduce waste from the Canadian event industry, and is quickly becoming one of Canada’s top sustainability entrepreneurs. Kalynn is not only giving event florals a second life, bringing joy to 30,000+ people in seniors living homes, shelters and hospitals, she has also diverted 43 tons of floral waste from landfills to date. In 2014, Kalynn launched ReBLOOM - Canada’s leading innovator in re-purposing and composting event florals + greenery that would otherwise end up being improperly thrown out. Servicing all of Canada, ReBLOOM converts event florals into bouquets of happiness by donating them to a charity of choice in a company/person’s name; they then re-collect the bouquets to compost them properly in order to reduce environmental waste.

Michaela Alexis

Michaela Alexis - Owner / Speaker

Michaela is an extremely extraordinary woman! She has been shaking up a professional social media platform called LinkedIn as one of the FIRST millennial viral creators. She has shared her wild journey as a budding marketer, hungry for success, with all of the highs and lows which provides the world with the authenticity it seriously needs.

Jessie Lawrence

Camp Ohana - Co-Founder/Director

I'm nominating Jessie Lawrence for the Youth Excellence award because of the significant strides she has made for LGBTQ+ youth locally, provincially and nationally. She began at the age of 13 by founding a GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) group in her junior high school. Jessie then went on to co-found the first ever LGBTQ+ camp for youth ages 14-18 years on the West Coast of Newfoundland. The creation of Camp Ohana has helped support many youth, it has been a huge success and is well attended each summer. The camp is entering its 3rd summer, in 2020, each time bigger and better to meet the needs of LGBTQ+ youth. Jessie has spoken at provincial LGBTQ+ conferences, as well as presenting nationally, at OUTshine. She shares her personal story of struggle, harassment, and bullying, showing how to channel those experiences into action and ensures other youth get the support they need.

Chantal Carter

Love & Nudes - Founder

Chantal is a woman of colour who exemplifies the meaning of don't let anything stop you on your path to empowerment! She saw a need for all women of colour, to have the basic undergarments needed for their skin tone, so they may dress with confidence and style, and then put her idea into action. Chantal researched and traveled to find the best materials needed to create the garments she visioned. She had worked as a single mother for many years, in the fashion industry as a stylist. Chantal is a woman who knows what she wants, and knows how to go after it, all the while inspiring those around her to do the same! Her vision for Love & Nudes has grown substantially and brought her to be on Dragon's Den. Chantal inspires women of colour to not be afraid of their colour, but to embrace it and show it off to the world!

Dr Caroline Makaka

Ladies Of All Nations International - Founder ceo

Dr Caroline Makaka is a well determined & vigorous individual, yet pleasantly calm, She reflects a varied personality including ambition and the qualities of generosity & thoughtfulness. Her mission is to connect cultures and help underprivileged communities. She is very dedicated to unite cultures under one roof for a great cause & fund initiatives that empower the most vulnerable women and children around the world. She is a Founder of Ladies of all nations international. Ladies Of All Nations International is a global organisation operates world wide chiefly to bring nations together under the umbrella of humanity with the ultimate goal being to support and uplift the under privileged in various communities. LOANI is now covering 88 Countries Worldwide promoting Diversity & Inclusiveness covering ALL aspects of Equality & Diversity - including age, race, gender, sexuality, religion, disability etc

Nancy John

Seed Leadership - Founder / Owner

Nancy is an incredible woman that leads with love and helps to support, empower, and coach women to succeed in their career goals.

Krista Malden

Community Now! Magazine - Publisher

I'm nominating the Founder, Publisher of Community Now! Magazine. From the moment we met her passion and commitment has been unwavering. Krista loves people and their stories. Community Now! Magazine focuses on Community, Education, Business & Innovation. Personally, as the Community Connector for We Are Calgary these elements are key in our city. Highlighting and bringing more awareness to how this is happening around us and the value of its contribution, needed more attention and she is bringing us the stories This improves day to day life, and our economy. She is grassroots with a focus to expand globally taking on content to expand in her first year of publication. It inspires me to continue to connect Calgary and learn more about the stories in our own backyard and how they contribute globally.

Giti Caravan

Caravan Counselling - Psychotherapist, Trainer, Author, and Master coach

Giti Caravan has changed so many people's lives for better, she has been able to make rapid changes. She has been able to take people out from clinical depression in an amazingly fast way. she is an author, and she has been to treat stature in one session.

Sheri Majdpour

The Golden Crown Group of Canada - CEO & Founder

Sheri is a phenomenal woman who not only owns Canadian businesses such as The Golden Crown Group of Canada, she is the chair of the United Nations Foundation, as well as the silent auction leader for the McMichael Canadian Art Exhibit annually. Sheri is the founder and chair of the Iranian Canadian Business Expo, where she works with thousands of business owners and leaders to integrative business solutions. Sheri is an incredible example for woman all over the world in creating and reinforcing women in business and giving back to the community.

Anna Khan

The Consulting House - Consultant

Anna Khan, renowned speaker and consultant at The Consulting House. Anna helps women in business understand how to create more wealth and power for themselves and their family. Anna is a mother, and entrepreneur, and still finds time to help integrate people in the business community. She is inspiring, and loves to connect other powerful business owners in Canada.

Kirsten Ashe

Ripple Creatives - Director of Client Services

Kirsten is a driven entrepreneur and business woman. She left her comfort zone of living in Winnipeg to move Toronto and follow her dreams of making an impact in the corporate world. She had a steady job in the print industry but took a leap to design a company that focused on corporate wellness - hosting workshops in many different corporate offices. She now has another self made business, that has gone through the twists and turns that many entrepreneurs endure, and works in creative design to a ad development company. She has always been an inspiration to me, because of her drive, her sense of humour and her ambition.

Isis Argote

Alberta Health Services - Logistics Coordinator

Isis is a brilliant woman who works in our Health Care system, she was brought in to clean up a file that had become a bit of a mess - she was diligent in making the necessary changes and now manages the logistics needed for supporting the health of children in Calgary. I had the pleasure of getting to know her in high school, but more deeply in university. As the VP Communications of the Women of Leadership Club at the University of Calgary, Isis effectively engaged universities students in breaking news around issues that affect women. She also oversaw the e-newsletter and social media of this group, with her leadership this club reached thousands of students and shaped the outreach of the club. This passion has continued in her work today, she is a stand up colleague and a friend that I have always been able to turn to for support - both professionally and personally.

Louise Reid

Louise H Reid - Coach, Radio Host, Author

Louise focuses on uplifting other women and creating an environment that leaves them and others in a positive manner. With her internal global radio station, she high lights ordinary people doing extraordinary things, coaching and empowering women, to become the true version of themselves. She also leads panels or has been a guest on diversity and inclusion in the workplace, Co-Founder of the 'Feminary' in Ottawa. A place for business women. She also volunteers to help new immigrants coming to Canada to find work and help with the cultural barriers that might come. A spokeswoman for young girls for equality in sports. With all this, she is a loving mother of four boys and an equal partner in her marriage with her husband. Always looking to help others and make the world a better place for this generation and the next one to come. This woman lives by example.

Sharon Zehavi

Sex Up Your Brand - Branding Strategist

Sharon immigrated to Canada after her house was bombed. She moved on her own and created a business here. She is now an international speaker and coach and she has her own TV segment. She just won an award for her chapter in the internationally best selling book series "Empowering Women to Succeed". She volunteers in non-profit organizations in Canada and in Europe. She is the most motivating and creative woman I know. And she is also a mom to an almost 2 year old baby!

Laura Grant

Alberta Bike Swap - Founder

Alberta Bike Swap is a private non-profit founded by Laura Grant and her husband Chris. They provide a safe, affordable and accessible alternative to buying or selling bicycles online. Alberta Bike Swap has always donated more than half the profit back to the community to fund other cycling-related non-profits, provide transportation security, and fund safe cycling. As a Software Product Manager, Laura designed the software for the bike swaps events and is designing a unique white label platform to take bike swap to the world market as Swaportunity. In 2021 Canada will ban single use plastic, so Laura got an industrial design patent on a dry cleaning garment bag (usefulbags.ca) and turned that into a social enterprise that pays farm women a living wage to sew textile produce bags from fabric that would typically end up in the landfill, the fabric waste is then vermicomposted.

Dianah Kamande


Dianah has continuously and relentlessly advocated for widows rights in Kenya and made sure they are economically empowered. Through her organization, she has used her experience as a gender-based-violence survivor to advocate against gender based violence.

Ronke Edoho

Lose it Nigeria/9jafoodie - Owner at Lose it Nigerian

Ronke is amazing in what she is doing in the fitness and wellness industry. She is changing lives one meal at a time. She is very creative and knowledgeable about food combinations that are nutritious and keeping the weight off. She is helping lots of people get their health back and on track. She makes her clients understand that carbohydrates are not the challenge in a weight loss journey, but its the combination with other ingredients and the quantity. She works this all out in her meal plans. I would like her to be recognized as a game changer. She is changing lives one meal at a time. Building a community of healthier people. She is very passionate about helping her community with her time and knowledge through creative and nutritious meal plans.

Sandy Rao

Sandy Rao Therapy and Sandy Rao Events - Owner/CEO - Registered Psychotherapist

A firecracker for vibrancy, energy and ability to shine light on the issues that matters, Sandy wears many hats with compassion and integrity. Expert in Mental Health and Addictions, Consultant, Researcher, Preceptor, Clinician and CEO of her two businesses, her signature “good karma sessions” are noteworthy for people get access to care regardless of their financial status, and to have technology enabled options. To reduce health inequities for marginalized groups both home and abroad helped set up charitable fund for girls’ education and a small clinic for women in rural India. Her artisan Events business focus on celebrating milestones in one’s life that we often don't celebrate in order to change the discourse around what really matters in a life well-lived. Recipient of Leadership, Creative Disruptive, Innovator awards and nominations for Notable Young professionals, Women Achievers of Canada, UWN and DDS, at DDS, Toronto, Sandy was recognized as Women Achiever.

Margarita Simkin

INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing - Chairwoman

Margarita is the co-founder of INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing. Over the past 25 years, she has built numerous successful businesses from scratch and continually brings strategic expertise to all companies under the INKAS® brand. She has professionally orchestrated INKAS® scalability to the international market, resulting in exponential growth in capital. In 2000, she expanded INKAS® Financial’s ATM operations into the United Kingdom. Within five years, INKAS® Financial was acquired by TRM Ltd, and all the revenue from this operation was reinvested into developing the INKAS® brand in Canada. Under Margarita's leadership, INKAS® has gone global and established mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders in the African, Southeast Asian and Latin American markets. However, she prioritizes remaining a Canadian company, creating jobs within Ontario, and benefiting the Canadian economy with 80% of revenue coming from export markets. She sits on numerous boards, and actively advocates diversity and gender-equality full-time, both within the company and externally.

Liliana Segal

Green Chair Recycling - Owner and operator

Liliana’s sheer determination as an entrepreneur has shown that ethical waste management companies owned and operated by women belong in our economy. In 2009, Liliana began Green Chair Recycling (GCR) with the dream of ensuring community events did not negatively impact the environment. She had the foresight, courage and enthusiasm to ignore the many nay-sayers telling her it was impossible, that no one would pay for such a service and in the beginning they were right; Liliana faced many events who would not pay. To demonstrate responsible waste management was possible for large events, Liliana and volunteers delivered their services for free. She was determined to change the event industry and she did! Presently, most municipalities in the Lower Mainland now require a thorough waste management plan and a handful of healthy competition has joined the industry. She created a market where there was none and brought the educational and behavioral change our community needed.

Lyndsie Barrie

Fempreneurs - Business Coach

Lyndsie has created a fempreneur group, where she connects like minded women who are entrepreneurs or thinking about starting their own businesses and helps them reach their business goals. She is offering her time and expertise for free. She is creating a community and building relationships as well as holding people accountable and a space for women to explore and see what is possible for them.

Leslie Gang

Hindi's Libraries - Founder and CEO

Leslie is co-founder of an international nonprofit organization called Hindi's Libraries which donated new/gently used children's books to recipients around the world. Leslie hasn't had it easy, and she has showed all of us who know her just how easy it is to make a difference and an impact on the world. The organization was formed after a former coworker, English Teacher and mother of 5 little ones suddenly passed away in the summer of 2018. She convinced newly widowed dad Dovid (cofounder of the nonprofit) to channel his energy into this project and quickly they went on their way to create awesomeness. The organization has collected 80,000 books, partnered with 385 organizations spanning across all 50 states and internationally and joined forces with major companies such as Disney Publishing Worldwide, Avery Dennison, Barnes and Noble and more. Leslie is a force to be reckoned with and inspires EVERYONE she knows.

Sanchari Sen Rai

Education Consultants Canada (ECC) Inc. - Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Sanchari Sen Rai is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of EDUCATION CONSULTANTS CANADA (ECC) INC. She is a mother, and a woman entrepreneur leading an all-women team that has helped thousands of international students work through the onerous process of applying to study in Canada. Being an immigrant herself, Sanchari believes it is vitally important and a social obligation for businesses to give back to the community all that one has learned and earned when one is in a position to do so to create empowering teams and individuals. Recently she has been awarded as one of Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100 Award winners (Entrepreneur Category). She has also been featured by Humber College alumni. She is making an impact on inspiring other young women who come here as international students and aspire to make a career for themselves and live the Canadian dream.

Jody Prendergast

White Rose Home Healthcare Agency - President and CEO

Jody Prendergast is an inspiration to women. She is the current CEO/President of White Rose Home Healthcare Agency and is leading with tact and diplomacy. She is the founder of the conference, Essence of a Boss, where she provides resources for women to excel in business and beyond.

JT Foxx

JT Foxx Organization - Owner

JT Foxx travels internationally every week inspiring and motivating women to create and build their own wealth. In the past 3 years since I have known JT, he endeavours to lift women up and rise in 56 countries around the world. From Canada, USA, South Africa, India, China, Israel, and so many other international countries. JT alone helped 4 of WOI 2019 award recipients build and create their businesses and their wealth. JT is Canadian, and he is a force to be reckoned with.

Vivian Risi

Royal LePage - Broker of Record at Royal LePage Your Community Realty, Brokerage

Vivian is a powerhouse, her story is one of incredible strength and resilience. She is the owner of Cananda's largest Real Estate Brokerage. Vivian is a mother, grandmother, speaker, author, advocate, philanthropist. You want Vivian your team!!

Evelyne Nyairo

Ellie Bianca - President and CEO Founder

Evelyne, a professional in the Oil and Gas Industry changed career paths in 2016 when the downturn in the sector effected her opportunities. She followed her passion and launched Ellie Bianca, an all natural skin oil which sells in retail stores throughout Canada and online. She established an education scholarship for women in Africa from the proceeds of her business and continue to educate and speak at forums about natural skin health and healing the body from within. She has made her own way from Kenya to Canada as a young student and succeeded with education and career. Truly an inspiration to all immigrants and empowerment to women that success is possible no matter the challenge.

Tina Iaquinta

Modern Concierge - Principle & Founder

Tina in a powerful Canadian entrepreneur and mother. She is a catalyst for growth and loves connecting people. She has an extraordinary vision. Her company, modern concierge, is leading edge in the service industry.

Krittika D'Silva

University of Cambridge - PhD Student

Krittika is a Gates scholar and Computer Science PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge. Her PhD research focuses on machine learning applied to spatio-temporal mobility models to predict changes in cities over time. Previously, she completed double degrees in Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science and worked at Microsoft Research and Google. In 2018, she worked at the United Nations Pulse Lab in Indonesia, an innovation lab formed to harness data science insights for policy. Her work modelled internal migration to support future resource allocation efforts in the South Pacific. She also worked with NASA FDL to utilize AI for astronaut health monitoring in deep space missions. She has received the Outstanding Senior Award in Computer Engineering, Presidential Scholarship, and Computer Laboratory Wiseman Award for her work. Her focus for the past decade has been to use technology to support the lives of people worldwide, particularly those in developing countries.

Tamara Becker

Project Nightlight - Founder

Tamara Becker has a vast background in corporate marketing, graphic design, and photography. She takes all of this corporate and creative experience and uses it to cultivate and capture connections between people, personal stories and mental health. Tamara began Project Nightlight in 2018 to provide a safe community for sharing personal stories about mental health and wellness. It allows people of all ages a chance to remove the stigma of talking about mental health, and to solidify that they are not alone. This platform shows vulnerable people that there is an audience willing to listen, care, and provide support to anyone who needs to talk. Tamara’s commitment comes from the sheer number of people who are willing to share their story of hardship and healing. At each event and workshop, names are added to a waiting list of people who want to share their story. It is a growing community that is built to enlighten, encourage, and inspire.

Delreene Derewońko

Canadian National Railway and also Unifor National - Aboriginal Relations Ambassador, Unifor National Shop Steward and Unifor National Women's Advocate

As an Aboriginal Relations Ambassador at Canadian National Railway, a Unifor National Shop Steward and a Unifor National Women’s Advocate, Delreene passionately commits herself to empower and support women and indigenous women in the workplace and in life itself. Delreene has faced distressing challenges in her Indigenous childhood that she continues to overcome through paying it forward. Delreene is a loving mother to her beautiful son and a gentle wife to her husband. She has been a monumental force toward her achievement of building the family she never had. Today, Delreene’s self-taught ethics and tenderness graces those she works with, those who are lucky enough to call her a friend and she is actively involved in communities that believe in enhancing partnerships with our Indigenous people. In addition, Delreene has enthusiastically taken part in non-traditional workplace roles that very few women have before. Overall, she strives to enhance inclusiveness and embraces cultural challenges.

Stephanie Dumont

StreetDog Marketing Inc. - Entrepreneur/ Manager

Stephanie is a very inspiring entrepreneur who set out to follow her dreams. She has always had a passion for dogs and had the ability to turn what she loves into a successful business. Her passion shows through her work as she is extremely dedicated to her work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It has been an honour to be a part of the StreetDog Marketing team and to watch it grow everyday. People are naturally drawn to Stephanie and enjoy working with her. Stephanie's kindness and helpful personality are what bring her new clients continuously. I would not be where I am today if Stephanie did not take a chance with me and help mold me into my career. Stephanie is exactly what comes to mind when I think of a Woman of Inspiration.

Lauren Scott

Distech Controls AND Sierra Club Canada Foundation - Director, Marketing (Distech Controls) AND President, Board of Directors (SCCF)

I specialize in communications, with a focus on translating climate initiatives into strong action to deliver on commitments to the building and renewables sectors. My marketing and communications background is leveraged to promote social and environmental responsibility as an approachable, yet critical part of business operations. While completing my undergraduate, I founded and implemented the institution's first association for commerce undergrad and MBA students focused on sustainability. Since that time, I established roots in the non-profit sector, having served as a spokesperson for an international animal welfare organization, then managing the communications for two of Canada's largest cancer fundraising events. I also volunteer as the President of the board of directors for Sierra Club Canada Foundation, one of North America’s leading environmental non-profits.

Mahnoor Syed

Spread the Word - President and Founder

Mahnoor Ali Syed is the founder and president of a non profit named Spread the Word in Pakistan. She founded the non profit when she was only 16. Mahnoor’s vision is to implement a feminist vision in sustainability. Her non profit has benefited over 5000 lives. Mahnoor is also a student of International Development and Economics at McGill University and her main areas of research are also a feminist vision of sustainability, legislation and women empowerment in South Asia.

Brittany Whitmore

Exvera Communications Inc. - CEO

Brittany is not only a successful and passionate entrepreneur who has founded a great PR business, but she also puts a tremendous amount of her energy into supporting the community, especially women. She won BC Business top 30 under 30 and was also recognized by Langara College as an outstanding alumni. She founded TEDxGastownWomen and produced two sold-out conferences that each featured lineups of women speakers with important stories to be told about things like women in politics, menopause, choosing to be child-free and cultural gender challenges. She also regularly mentors and speaks for youth and women for organizations such as Young Women in Business and Her Campus. She leads by example and sits on the advisory boards of technology startups. Her PR firm works in the technology industry, which is very male-dominated. She has hired women to support her business and does what she can to help them flourish.