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Women of Inspiration™ Podcast EP30 – SupportHER™ Bob Burg – Best Selling Author and Speaker, Co-Author, Go-Giver.

Bob Burg shares how a subtle shift in focus is not only a more uplifting and fulfilling way of conducting business but the most financially profitable way, as well. For 30 years he’s helped companies, sales leaders, and their teams to more effectively communicate their value, sell at higher prices with less resistance, and grow their businesses based on Endless Referrals. His co-authored business parable, The Go-Giver, and ensuing series has created a worldwide movement. A Wall Street Journal and BusinessWeek Bestseller, The Go-Giver has sold over 950,000 copies and been translated into 28 languages. It was rated #10 on Inc. Magazine’s list of the Most Motivational Books Ever Written and was on HubSpot’s 20 Most Highly-Rated Sales Books of All Time. Bob has authored a number of books on sales, marketing, and influence, with total book sales approaching two million copies. Bob is an advocate, supporter, and defender of the Free Enterprise system, believing that the amount of money one makes is directly proportional to how many people they serve. He is also an unapologetic animal fanatic and served on the Board of Directors of Furry Friends Adoption and Clinic in his town of Jupiter, Florida.

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