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Women of Inspiration™ Podcast EP6 – Christma Nathali – Owner, Beauty Addicts Inc. | Women of Inspiration The Nest Award™

Women of Inspiration™ Podcast with host Monica Kretschmer. Interviewing women making an impact, locally, nationally and globally. Join our podcast to listen to the inspiring journeys of women blazing the rails, leading by example, ignoring the naysayers and inspiring those around them to take action and dream big.

In this episode EP8, we interview, Christma Nathali, Owner, Beauty Addicts Inc. | Hair Stylist & Colorist | Cosmetic Tattoo, Lash & Makeup Artist, 2019 Women of Inspiration™ Nest Award.

Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, Nathali has been an influential leader in the progression and support for women throughout the world. A proud mother of 14-year-old daughter Bhavna Jaya, she gained the inspiration to create a world where women are celebrated and encouraged to chase their dreams. Through her own hardship, Nathali was able to become a successful businesswoman whilst travelling the world learning 4 different languages. Skilled in fashion design, hair styling, markup artistry, acupuncture and hypnotherapy she has received a number of accolades to include Best Business Beauty Salon by Fans Choice Awards in May 2018, Nominated as Lash Artist Integrity and Customer Awards by NALA (National Association Lash Artists) in 2019 and the Top Beauty Salon in Calgary by Choice Awards in 2019. Her passion is to pass on her knowledge and frequently conducts workshops to teach young women her craft and inspire them to explore the world. Nathali believes that culture and community play an important role in developing women as it provides a support network for growth. Part of her journey saw her become the Vice President of a not-for-profit organization, Budaya Nusantara, which promotes the preservation of heritage and culture through community outreach programs. By utilizing her skills she can provide community events to include fashion runways, dancing classes, musicals, and various other classes. By sharing her story she becomes an inspiration for others to overcome hardship and focus on qualities like resilience, integrity, and confidence.

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Monica Kretschmer

Monica is the Founder and CEO of Universal Womens Network™, Women of Inspiration™ Awards, Women of Inspiration™ Podcast, Women of Inspiration™ Book, UWomen Magazine, and SupportHER™ champions for women in their networks, workplaces, and communities.

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