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Margaret Adu – President, Aomega Lodges – Women of Inspiration™ Podcast | 2020 Women of Inspiration™ Black Leader | 100 Women of Inspiration™ Contributor

My singular goal was to work as an architect. I didn’t have anything otherwise. I thought, “I’m an architect, and I’m going to work as an architect.” I soon realized that it didn’t come that easy. So, I called every architect in Edmonton. I would say, “My name is Margaret Adu, I am a qualified Architect from Ghana, and I want to work as an architect.” And every one of them turned me down. During that time, I was still making phone calls to architectural firms, and they continued to say no. One of the last ones I called was located very near to where we were living. I realized I could walk in there and make my case in person – so I did.

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