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 Women of Inspiration™ Podcast – Sarah Hawco – Founding Partner, Hawco Peters and Associates Ltd.

My story is that reinvention is possible, not just for me but for all of us. Every woman has the power within them to not only rise from the ashes but to soar. I had a rather unremarkable upbringing, in the best of ways. Life was easy, I did reasonably well in both school and sport, my family life was safe and loving. All of my needs were provided, it never occurred to me that I couldn’t be anything that I set out to be. I always knew I would go to university and obtain an education. I didn’t realize my privilege then. I left home right after high school, by choice, not force, though I am sure my parents were pleased to see their know-it-all daughter leave the nest! After the usual minor bumps along any young person’s road, I obtained a degree and my Chartered Accountant’s designation. The bulk of my 20s were carefree enough, I worked hard at a Big 4 accounting firm specializing in tax, then restructuring, I owned a home, had a dog, spent time with friends. I was happy, I was confident, I was independent. Again, I did not recognize my privilege. Around 30 I got married. Those around me, especially those older than me, saw all of the red flags prior to the marriage. I did not. There was a significant age difference, a cultural difference, an income difference. A power difference. None of which on their own, or even together necessarily, need be cause for alarm. And yet, I had walked into a storm wearing rose-coloured glasses with all of my naivete. I lived in a perpetual cycle of “as soon as”. As soon as I quit my job, as soon as we have a child, as soon as I can cook and clean just right, as soon as I am perfect… As soon as never comes. My daughters and I left our home, my marriage on my 38th birthday. It was a traumatic and dramatic exit from what is termed a high-conflict marriage. High conflict indeed. 38. No money, no job, no home, a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old.

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