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The Universal Womens Network™ is a global platform committed to advance gender equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), by raising the bar to advance women in their network, community, and workplaces. We recognize the achievements of women through the Women of Inspiration™ Awards. We are advocates of women-owned and women-led businesses, and champion female entrepreneurs along with allies who SupportHER™!

Our global network promotes the advancement of women. We recognize and celebrate thought leaders, business leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals from diverse industries and backgrounds and work with like-minded organizations committed to inclusivity and moving the needle to close the gender gap! We are Stewards of Diversity™ and dedicated to the unity of humanity by acknowledging our differences, asking questions, and valuing voices at all levels. We do not tolerate bullying, hatred, or racism at any level.

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Nominate an inspiring woman 365 Days. The Women of Inspiration™ Awards recognizes the achievements of women from diverse industries and all walks of life making a positive impact locally, nationally, and globally.

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Be Visible - Certified Universal Women-Owned™ | Led

Inviting women to the table, not simply as tokens filling a quota, but as true and equal contributors increase the top and bottom line. everyone plays a role to SupportHER™. Make a conscious decision to invest in women, buy from women-owned and women-led businesses.

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Women of Inspiration - Virtual Awards

2021 Women of Inspiration Awards


Over the past seven years, we have celebrated over 1000 women making an impact locally, nationally, and globally. Our world may have changed how we do how we live, work, play. It cannot stop us

LeadHER Series

LeadHER Series – Katherine (Katie) Dudtschak


Each month we will host the LeadHER Series to include discussions with inspiring leaders from diverse industries. This is a golden opportunity to learn from diverse leaders carving their path, participate in the discussion, and

"I am still on a spiritual high coming from last night. You transcended my expectations in a way I didn’t imagine possible. Your sense of purpose and connection to women is a gift to US as women. Thank you for embodying the spirit of Ubuntu/Oneness (I am because you are). Looking forward to being a part of The Universal Women’s Network family. Through your platform, we as women feel heard and seen. Thank you for all you do in creating a safe space for us to show up in our light and express our unique gifts. "

Dr Nothabo Ncube - 2020 Women of Inspiration™ Black Women Leader