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Meet 11-year-old Kaiya who is inspiring others around her with her love for music and powerful voice! We are excited to announce Kaiya will be performing live at Women of Inspiration Awards Gala on September 20.

For the last two years, Kaiya feels she has been able to dream with her eyes wide open. Thanks to her Grade 4 school music teacher, Kaiya began learning piano and taking voice lessons only two short years ago. Last year, she began music sessions with Brian Farrell who has coached artists such as Paul Brandt, Lindsay Ell and Kiesza.  With Brian’s mentorship, Kaiya’s love for music has reached a new level through her performances. Her first big performances came this year at Brett Wilson’s charity events where she also had the opportunity to meet Brett Kissel, one of her favorite country music stars.  She would love to perform with Brett Kissel and his band one day and perhaps take her dream to Broadway, just like one of her other favorite artists, Sara Bareilles.  Kaiya loves to read books, take Karate classes,  spend time with her little sister Gigi, her friends, and her dog Octavia.  She loves school especially the band program where she plays trumpet and French horn.  As a member of the Science Club, she was thrilled to compete in the Calgary Youth Science Fair.  Kaiya lives life to the fullest and looks forward to the adventure each day holds.

A Woman of Inspiration to Kaiya is

A woman who never gives up. When that woman has a dream, she never stops until she accomplishes that dream. That is my mom. She inspires me every day.

What made you decide to be apart of Women of Inspiration?

I decided to be a part of this wonderful event because I was excited to meet new amazing people. I was also very excited to get to perform with some incredible woman.

Tell us about what inspired you to start performing?

I’ve loved singing since the age of 4 and I started playing piano when I was 7. When I was 9, my school music teacher informed my parents that I had perfect pitch and I worked with her for a year on both piano and voice. This led to meeting Brian Farrell last September 2017 who is my current voice and piano mentor.

What do you love most about performing?

My favorite part of performing is sharing the story of the song to the audience and seeing their smiles and joy. I love to sing because it brings me joy and brings joy to others as well.

Who are your SupportHER’s?

I have been very fortunate to have many supporters for my music. My biggest supporters: my parents, my 7 year old sister Angelina, and my extended family. My vocal coach Brian Farrell has been an amazing support as well. Recently I have had the opportunity thanks to Brett Wilson to sing at his charity events and have had great advice from Brett Kissel – one of my favorite country music stars!

Words of advice to share to someone thinking about realizing their dreams?

My advice for anyone who has a dream is listening to a song from my favorite movie The Greatest Showman and hear the words of the chorus! Go for it and dream with your eyes wide open! Come alive, come alive Go and ride your light Let it burn so bright Reach it up To the sky And it’s open wide You’re electrified And the world becomes a fantasy And you’re more than you could ever be ‘Cause you’re dreaming with your eyes wide open And we know, we can’t be go back again To the world that we were living in ‘Cause we’re dreaming with our eyes wide open So, come alive!
Besides my parents, one of my mentors is definitely my coach Brian Farrell. Brian is not only my singing coach, he is like a life coach. He tells the most incredible stories with amazing messages which have been a real gift to me. Brian has worked with Lindsay Ell, Paul Brandt, and Sarah McLachlan. Mike Babcock has also been a great mentor to me. Actually, the first person I ever sang for other than my parents, my sister, and extended family was Mike Babcock. He helped me come out of my shell.

What is your big juicy vision?

When I am older I would love to perform on Broadway! Other than singing I love to act. I also want to write books. Anything in the creative arts I would be happy with but I have a certain passion for singing and acting.

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