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We are proud to be surrounded by women who lead, inspire, and motivate! Meet Universal Womens NetworkNational Ambassadors.

Every woman has value and brings something special to the table. Our National Ambassadors are thought leaders, change-makers, game changes, trailblazers for women and leaders committed to advancing women personally and professionally, They advocate for women, lead by example and inspire others to use their voice to make a change, and fearlessly keep pushing forward to follow their dreams!

Our National Ambassadors are committed to advocating for women and believe that together we are stronger and together we WILL make an impact! Together we raising the bar to SupportHER. When we celebrate one woman, we celebrate all women!

These throughs come to mind. Firstly, I am filled with gratitude for the support of these incredible women, 2) The footprint we are leaving is already paving the path and inspiring our youth; 3) Our voice and actions will inspire change, and 4) I excited to the journey and humbled to be of serve!

  • Universal Womens Network National Ambassadors

  • Row 1 (L-R): Dana Levenson, Kyla Lee, Grace Yan, Unstoppable Tracy, Marnie Grundman
  • Row 2: (L-R): Monica Kretschmer, Elizabeth Blake Thomas, Rhonda Goldberg
  • Row 3 (L-R): Joan Kelley Walker, Tara Wilson, Karen Schubert, Lindsay Harle-Kadatz, Armineh Keshishian
  • Row 4 (L-R) Christine Neilsen, Linda Cruise, Deb Milimaka Miles, Donna Dahl, Lindsay Sill


We asked our National Ambassadors, why they chose to become Universal Womens Network, National Ambassador!

I wanted to help other women to find a network of supportive and kind women who can inspire them and be there for them. When I attended the WOI Gala in Calgary I made some awesome connections with cool women like LHK, who is now inspiring me with her daily running journey. MK also inspired me by being so invested in each of the women. The way she knows details about each of us and is genuinely invested in our lives is hard to find. Other women need to meet LHK, MK, and everyone like her. I want to help women build and foster those connections. Kyla Lee, UWN National Ambassador | 2019 Women of Inspiration™ Aboriginal Leader

I also feel that is important to play a role in what I truly believe which is helping further business that wants to make an impact. We cannot fight a journey alone. We must do it together. Rhonda Goldberg, UWN National Ambassador | 2019 Women of Inspiraiton™ Inspire

I want to give other young women including my daughter the idea that anything is possible. UWN (USA) National Ambassador, Elizabeth Blake Thomas

As I sat on the call with the other National Ambassador’s “FRAUD” was screaming through my head. And I think this is why being a National Ambassador is so important – to show that you can be “normal” and still influential. That you don’t have to have a number of accolades or best sellers or money raised to be seen as someone who can have an impact. For me, being a National Ambassador of Women of Inspiration™ means that I can also give back to an organization that transformed the way I started speaking to myself. And that is a gift I can never repay.  Lindsay Harle-Kadatz – UWN National Ambassador | 2019 Women of Inspiration™ Influencer

 The mandate of ‘Women of Inspiration’ is to elevate women and the men who support women. This is very close to my heart as I believe in Women’s Empowerment. As life is comprised of masculine and feminine, I believe it is important to honour the natural forces and give a voice to the feminine that is the creator of life. I made the decision to become a National Ambassador because I can contribute to the cause and help spread the message in a positive and inspiring way. Armineh Keshishian, UWN National Ambassador | 2019 Women of Inspiration™ Cultural Ambassador

 I am very honoured to have been chosen as a National Ambassador. It is an incredible opportunity to connect with other like-minded women from different industries that I would not have had the opportunity to do so. As well, it is exciting to be a part of a team that will seek the most inspirational women in the country. Dana Levenson – UWN National Ambassador

As soon as I discovered UWN and all the great things being done to empower and recognize women, I knew this was an initiative I wanted to get involved in. I’m currently in between jobs right now and focusing on taking care of my kids through the pandemic, so it’s a great time to give my time back to volunteering for things like this that align so nicely with my passions and priorities. I can’t wait for this year’s awards to feel the emotion that results from recognizing the talent and goodwill that we have in this great country. Lindsay Sill – UWN National Ambassador

 Success depends on perseverance. With humor and motivation, you can crush your obstacles and soar to the top! No matter where you are in life, sometimes you just need to be inspired. Women are great leaders pushing to drive their inner power. WOI helps you see that you can conquer your impossible. Proud to be part of this lifeline team. Tracy Schmitt – UWN National Ambassador | 2019 Women of Inspiration™ Change Maker

I would love to become a National Ambassador because Universal Womens Network ™ and Women of Inspiration™ aligns with one of my life missions to support and grow women together. I believe that it is phenomenally important that we as women come together and lift each other up and we need more role models across the globe sharing that message through our actions. Marnie Grundman – UWN National Ambassador | 2019 Women of Inspiration™ Advocate and Catalyst for Change

As a National Ambassador, we can share our learnings, great strength is created. We are all better together especially when we harness the power of mentoring each other and leading by example. Sharing our experiences and our stories is very powerful! Joan Kelley Walker – UNW National Ambassador – 2019 Women of Inspiration™ Global Impact

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