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We all have different ways of budgeting and attempting to balance our checkbooks. What are your strategies? I must admit, I find it easier now that I work from home – corporate Calgary had me spending money on lunches, coffees, and after work bevies regularly, but that being said while that might be good for my wallet it isn’t so great for my social and networking game.

Last month, Monica told the team about the latter effect. The latte effect is a popular money-saving strategy that entails saving large amounts of money by cutting down on small things—like daily lattes. It got me wondering how much we spend on average on the little things every month.  

The money (and time) you are spending on these activities may seem small on each transaction but they add up by the end of the month.  

spend your money - Canadian Business Chicks

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Your monthly challenge is easy. Sign-up for a Canadian Business Chicks membership. At $49 per month, it is less than your daily latte and it ensures you are spending time on moving your career forward through tools, networking, and access to leaders through mentorship, social media, and member calls.  

Purchase the membership online now. Do something meaningful with your money each month – take away a week of lattes and pay for a membership. Adding this to your budget each month also means you are dedicating time to advance your career.  

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