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Canadian Business Chicks Announces New Membership Packages & Pricing

For Immediate Release – April 19, 2018, Calgary, Alberta. Canadian Business Chicks have announced new Membership Levels and Prices that lower the barrier to entry, encourage opportunities to unite, and open doors to students, corporations, and men to SupportHER. Current members will have their rates grandfathered.

Our changes will offer more opportunities to connect and develop – we want to inspire people to lead with purpose,” says Canadian Business Chicks Founder and CEO, Monica Kretschmer. “It’s important to recognize the needs of women in the workplace and offer equal prospects of growth and open the door to students and men who are important members of this conversation.”

After listening to important feedback from mentors, members, and the community Canadian Business Chicks revised standard membership pricing to a lower administrative fee and a $49 per month subscription rate. “It’s all about the latte effect! How much do we spend on coffee each month? For less than that you get the benefits of networking, mentorship, and tools,” explains Kretschmer. Members now receive access to free networking mixers, tools and tips for people to become their best, and access to business leaders and mentors.
Along with the standard membership for business women the Canadian Business Chicks had a goal to empower students with the innovative Student Package, create strong value propositions for employers through the transformed and tailored Corporate Package, and be inclusive to men with the Supporter Membership, who can now act to help women grow and expand in their respective companies, businesses, and industries.

  • Student Package: Canadian Business Chicks acknowledges being a student can be expensive, and that students are the future. Getting women students actively involved in the business community now and for the future is integral. The set-up fee has been waived and is now $29 per month.
  • SupportHER Package: A unique chance has presented itself through the SupporHER Membership. Gender issues and equality are more important than ever. The membership price complete with panel opportunities and luncheon sponsorships is $5,000, and without panel, the opportunity is $2,500. This membership is for men who want to show leadership and stand in the gap for the female employees that work with them every day.
  • Corporate Package: Canadian Business Chicks wants to assist companies in support of women in their workplaces. This tiered membership gives all female employees access to membership benefits and has the Canadian Business Chicks team work directly with companies.

Canadian Business Chicks is a diverse community of professional and entrepreneurial women with a passion for uniting people to empower women in business and who embrace life with courage, confidence commitment and integrity. We are a Social Enterprise leading with purpose and believe every woman has value and something special to contribute.

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