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March, especially with the recent International Women’s Day celebrations, is a great time to remember the importance of supporting one another and building connections with like-minded leaders and influencers.  

As business owners and entrepreneurs, it is essential to ask for help when we need it. Everyone needs mentors, mentees, and peers keeping them accountable and pushing them forward at each step of their career. Remember – we cannot do this alone – we need to help one another. It is TIME TO UNITE!  

Remember these 4 influential quotes from women who are leading the way in business.

How Do You Let People Help You? - Canadian Business Chicks

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It is more important than we often realize to be a part of a larger team and network. When you work a corporate job, your support is often built in with the women you work with but as an entrepreneur, you have to build that network in yourself by seeking out like-minded women in different stages of their journey than you. For me, my Canadian Business Chick’s membership has given me a chance to meet women that can push me forward to the next level of my professional journey.  

Your monthly challenge: Join something; by putting yourself out there and buying a ticket to our next eventpurchasing a membership, or signing up for a new group you are actively committing to being part of a bigger team. If you are not a member of Canadian Business Chicks this is your month to do it – your membership supports women and allows us to continue to put on amazing events, offer great programs like BOSS Chicks Mentorship, and be a voice for Canada’s businesswomen.  

Take part in the Hockey and Heels event on April 3 and become a member so you get access to a network of women looking to make a difference in one another’s lives.

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