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Congratulations to 2020 Top 150 Finalists and 2020 Women of Inspiration™ Award Recipietnts


With gratitude to our team of UWN National Ambassadors and Selection Committee for all your support! I could not continue to move these mountains without you! Lindsay Harle-Kadatz (she/her), Kyla Lee, Sarah Hawco, CPA CA, CIRP, LLM, Q. Arb, CFE, Lindsay Sill, Siobhan Calderbank, MA, CMP, PMP, CTDP, Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt BRLS, B.Ed, MBA, Dana Levenson, and special thank you to our WOI2020 Selection Committee, Donna Dahl, Deb Milimaka Miles, Karen Sherbut, Rhonda Goldberg, Armineh Global, and Elizabeth Blake-Thomas.

The culture we have created over the past seven years is built on relationships, inclusivity, and a non-judgment environment. I am immensely proud of our dedicated team of leaders from across Canada, the USA, and the UK who continue to inspire me daily!

On behalf of our Selection Committee, Chair, 2016 Women of Inspiration™ Lifetime Award Winner, please see the message Donna Dahl a message to our Top 150 Finalists and 2020 Women of Inspiration Award Winners.

A message from our Selection Committee Chair, 2020 Women of Inspiration Award WInners, and Top 150 Finalists. Meet 2020 Women of Inspiration™ Award Winners.

Congratulations! There is no greater recognition than the acknowledgment presented by one’s peers through nomination for an award. Such is the significance of the Women of Inspiration™ Awards.

To the women who submitted documents for review in the 2020 competition, know that most members of the Selection Committee were once nominees and have won this award. They have walked where you walked. They grew as you have grown just by accepting your nomination. I applaud the work and the spirit of my incredible committee: Karen Sherbut, Rhonda Goldberg, Deb Milimaka Miles, Elizabeth Blake Thomas, and Armineh Keshishian.

On behalf of the WOI2020 Awards Selection Committee, I congratulate all the women who have participated in the nomination process. Your courage is worthy of note.

For those of you who stepped forward and completed your nomination packages, you demonstrated to us that your achievements matter and deserve appreciation. You made our job tougher than tough. We encourage you to continue to build the recognition you deserve. For those of you are award recipients, know that what you do stands out. We look forward to your continued participation as a member of the WOI Alumni. 

With Sincerity and Respect, Donna P. Dahl, WOI2020 Selection Committee Chair, 2016 Woman of Inspiration™ for Lifetime Achievement

Thank you to our SupportHER’s. We could not move these mountains without you!

Nominate a Woman of Inspiration365 Days a Year! The Ripple effect and value are visible.!

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