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Women of Inspiration™ Podcast – Judith Virag – 2020 Women of Inspiration™ Customer Experience | @CleanClubCalgary

My line of work allows me to meet a lot of people who overcome adversity, and Judith Virag is one such inspiring human. Why? Relentless perseverance. Judith immigrated from Hungry. Learning English isn’t easy. Adapting to a new country and culture isn’t easy. Discrimination isn’t easy. Finding employment, let alone starting a business isn’t easy, and yet despite all the challenges Judith has faced in life, never, not once, have I heard her make excuses. While everyone experiences challenges, setbacks, roadblocks, hardship, etc, not everyone perseveres through it. Not everyone learns from it. Not everyone willingly shares their lessons learned from it.

This is the Judith I know. Not only is she the epitome of everything above, but Judith is also incredibly kind, compassionate, and generous with her time, energy, and wisdom. She is consistently encouraging and supporting others in her community, inspiring them to be the best version of themselves… and as such, inspires me.

Experience and passion – these are what I believe help me transform cleaning into a higher quality of life for my clients with Clean Club Calgary. After building a successful career within the corporate world, working as an Executive Assistant for corporations such as Citibank, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and the Calgary Flames, I took a leap of faith and started my own residential and commercial cleaning company. Combining my love of accountability, physical work, and solution finding, I set out to create a cleaning business built on honesty, loyalty, trust AND quality cleaning. Nearly a decade later, I’m proud that my company, Clean Club Calgary, is inspiring just that – loyal clients because of transparent conversations for improved quality of life.

To continue serving clients, I maintain my IICRC Certified House Cleaning Technician designation, along with providing opportunities for my team to enhance their skills. I believe that improving quality of life doesn’t just mean for clients, but for my staff as well. By ensuring we all have what we need to provide a quality clean, we are better able to build a two-way relationship, enhancing our clients’ trust in ourselves and in each other.

Still closely tied with my Hungarian roots – I immigrated to Canada at age 18 – I am involved with the Calgary Hungarian community, often volunteering at the Hungarian Hall.

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