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Certification Criteria: 51% owned by one or more women: Managed by a female principal executive;  or controlled or operated by women in crucial business making decisions (company’s finances, operations, personnel, or strategy).

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We are moving the needle to support female entrepreneurs locally, nationally, and globally.

If you are not visible, how can people support you!

Universal Women-Owned™ Directory

Universal Women-OwnedDirectory

Complete the following form to register to list your business in our Universal Women-Owned™ Directory! We are moving the needle to support female entrepreneurs locally, nationally, and globally. Are you a Women-Owned business?

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  • Female entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy. Identify yourself as a Women-Owned so others can support you.
  • Increase SEO 24/7 just by listing in our directory
  • Connect with other like-minded women-owned and women-led businesses
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  • Become Certified as a Universal Women-Owned Business.

Join our Universal Women-Owned™ Directory to list your business or services! If customers cannot find you, how can they support you!

BECOME A CERTIFIED Universal Women-Owned™.  Did you know that large companies have mandates to buy from women-owned companies? There are advantages to being certified as a women-owned business that include identifying your product or service to the everyday consumer on the web or store shelf as a CERTIFIED Universal Women-Owned™ business.

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Universal Women-Owned™ Directory

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