Women-Owned Business Directory

Women-Owned Business Directory!

We are moving the needle to support female entrepreneurs! Investing in women-led and women-owned businesses is not just good a good thing to dom, it is god for the bottom line and necessary to close the gender gap!

How To SupportHER?

  • Shop Women-Owned Businesses
  • Partner with Other Female Founders
  • Invest In Women-Owned Businesses. Hey, UWN is Women-Owned, Invest, support, and watch it grow!
  • Hire Talented Women
  • Celebrate Women Making an Impact

Female entrepreneurs need our support to close the Gender Gap that exists in entrepreneurship. When we support women-led businesses, we contribute to our economy. We SupportHER to build, scale and grow a sustainable business provide job opportunities, mentor other women,  inspire youth and our future leader, enable her to innovate and create solutions, and let her know that she is making an impact. When women succeed, families succeeded.

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  • UWN Women-Owned Business Directory was created for the sole purpose of shining the spotlight on the extraordinary businesses in diverse industries that are women-owned and women-led.
  • *Listing does not include Certification Women-Owned Businesses. Learn how to be certified.

Did you know? Networks with like-minded organizations and individuals provide critical support for women to learn, connect, inspired to be game-changers, plan for growth, set higher goals, embrace innovation, make an impact in the world and leave a legacy for others to follow in her footsteps! Become a Member,


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