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Did you know that awards and celebration really do go hand-in-hand? Every Canadian Business Chick needs a strategy to ensure that they are being recognized within the industry they are working in (or aspiring to work in). Awards and recognition are an important part of an individual’s resume and provide excellent opportunities for content creation.

Awards and nominations for awards open the doors for interviews, speaking gigs, and media recognition. Awards help give you a platform to share your message and your accomplishments.  

This month consider these four practical steps for creating your own award and recognition strategy. Start working on your action plan this month – consider starting by applying for a Women of Inspiration Award 

How Do Create Your Own Award Strategy - Canadian Business Chicks
Created by Crystal Derouin & Canadian Business Chicks
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As a 2017 Women of Inspiration Finalist, I can tell you that the nomination itself can be just as meaningful as the award if you are willing to leverage it. You never know what individuals will take notice at an event, on a website, or by talking to other nominees. I encourage everyone to stick your neck out, apply for awards, and once you are notified that your nomination is excepted celebrate the fact that you are being recognized.

Your monthly challenge: PUT UP A CALENDAR – commit to your award strategy by adding application deadlines to your schedule. Every month track towards applying for awards that can help celebrate your success and amplify your personal and professional brand.

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