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We tend to reflect on the successes and opportunities at the beginning of a new year. It is easy to set goals and make resolutions that this year will be YOUR year – but the trick is turning those hopes into realities. Putting your best foot forward is the key to actually making this year YOUR year to move mountains. Consider these four tips – and start putting your best foot forward this month.

Put You Best Foot Forward - Infographic - Canadian Business Chicks
Created by Crystal Derouin & Canadian Business Chicks
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You never know where your day will bring you! You might make a new connection you didn’t expect, a chance-encounter might turn into your next big contract, or a special sign from the universe could lead you down a new path. My encouragement to you this month is to be ready for all of these things by waking up every day and putting your best foot forward. Where do you start? By staying organized, surrounding yourself with people who keep you accountable, being open, and protecting your me-time.

Your monthly challenge: PUT IT ON PAPER – commit to putting your best foot forward by writing your plan on paper and tackling it to your bulletin board. Every morning think about your goals and reflect on how you are going to make them a reality.SaveSave

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  1. Great tips – also remember to have things on your list that YOU are the sole one responsible for making happen, vs. expecting clients to live by your expectations – which can lead to disappointments if their schedule moves slower than your warp speed! Warmly, Yvonne (Coaching women entrepreneurs and visionaries – Flourish!)

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